PRO Series Gen III firmware now available for PRO1 & PRO2!

Dear all,

We're very pleased to announce the release of Version G3.2.1 for PRO1, PRO2, and PRO2C consoles.

New features
• VCA/POP group user mode – allows for reordering of channels within group
• New effects
– Spectrum Analyser
– Loudspeaker Processor
– Multiband distortion
– DeEsser
– Smart Dynamics
• New console updater application
• DL231 option for independent clock configurations
• Effects automation safe button added (in GUI)
• Option to turn off bulkhead fans with auto on for diagnostic temp increase
• DL231 MIDI ports activated
Addressed Issues
• DL155 fix for AES/EBU card output (for use with M32 console firmware v2.14)
• DL231 split sample rate of 96/48kHz persists over power cycle
• Blank showfile template recreated at every boot-up - prevents memory allocation error on some
consoles when creating new show
• Diagnostics: Generic AES50 display issue resolved
• Diagnostics: redundant connection no longer appears red
• Paging: method of unfolded VCA and POP groups consistent when using Extend function
• Status of boxes consistent after being un-configured
• Configured unconnected boxes now appear in diagnostics
• DL231 no longer labelled as DL431 in patching page flyout box
• DL151 / DL153 - Units now correctly report in diagnostics when connecting 2nd ports