Buss structure

I've read a lot about the X32 and it seems that it can do something that most digital mixers can't (I hope so). I've used many digital mixers for live shows but they don't allow you to group channels to a buss and compress the buss. This is especially useful when running monitors from FOH as compressing the channel also affects the aux send. The usual workaround is to copy channels and use separate FOH and monitor channels but that's just using up channels for no good reason.

It may be possible on other mixers but no house engineer has ever been able to demonstrate this. It's very easy on an analogue mixer.

I'd like to group several channels (e.g. vocals) send their outputs to a stereo group, compress the group and be able to control its output from a DCA or group fader.

Can the X32 compress busses in this way?