Dear X AIR friends,

We are happy to announce that we can now offer PC, MAC and Linux versions of our X AIR EDIT application 0.5.1 beta, for controlling the BEHRINGER X AIR mixers remotely, and performing firmware updates easily.

Yes, there are some known issues, and maybe some yet to be discovered While we are still working on substantial feature updates and fixes for X AIR EDIT in parallel, we want to make sure everyone can benefit from its present features, now!

PC: http://www.behringerdownload.de/XAIR/X-AIR-EDIT_PC_0.5.1.beta.zip
Mac: http://www.behringerdownload.de/XAIR/X-AIR-EDIT_MAC_0.5.1.beta.zip
Linux: http://www.behringerdownload.de/XAIR/X-AIR-EDIT_LINUX_0.5.1.beta.tar.gz

We have also uploaded an update to our X18/XR18 firmware, version 1.08, which fixes a couple of glitches that were addressed in this forum.

Firmware: http://www.behringerdownload.de/XAIR/X18-XR18_Firmware_1.08.zip

The updates will be reflected on behringer.com, soon. However, please feel free to download from the links given above, check it out and let us know what you think.