Midas M32 cuts out


Hello, everyone!

This is my setup:

Midas M32 > AES50A > Midas DL16 > Midas DL16 

Midas M32 > AES50B > (6) individual DP48s

Midas M32 > Dante > Dante Bose Amp


Here is my problem. I am getting a split second cutting out during performance. It usually happens once during the set and doesn't happen again. I am running shielded ethercon connectors on AES50A & B as well as the DP48s. I am running a shielded Cat 7 ethernet cable with no connectors in-between from the Dante to Dante. 


It's worked well for years but trying to figure out why all of a sudden I'm getting this to cut out. Nothing has changed. I have already changed the dante wire and run new. Not sure where I go from here. TIA for any suggestions!!