DP48 POE supplies and injectors update


This is from an older post. (050420) It's copied here for a few reasons, mostly to add some updated info, also, the old post may be hard to find! The Hub4 is quite elusive in the US and is still not available to buy-I will when I can-I hear Sept 2020. The rest of the world seems to have them already-and yes i do know why...doesn't help in the knowing.

(last updated 082220)


I received my poe devices yesterday and have started to test them. (from May 2020)

I bought several versions because I was a little confused on what would actually work, or if ANY would. The ones that do not work will get returned asap!

I was heartened by my first device test:


It was the second least expensive item ($16 for 2) and did power up the DP48 fine-but it did not pass data. It's possible it was a defective unit (it was not) but since it uses the 802.3af spec, that is the more likely reason (Yes I believe so). It also was a 48v unit. Hub4 says it sends 52v. Since it provided power just fine, I believe a range may be accepted by the DP48-probably anything over 44v (see reference article below) will power on the DP48, despite it saying 52v. This turned out to be true, fast forward several months.

UPDATE: After returning the above back in May, I ended up buying them again! The reason: By adding an inexpensive power/data splitters like these:


I can now power a DP48 by using this splitter only for the power source for my injector. These are VERY handy because they are compact and they plug into any outlet directly. Use a short (or long) cat5/6/7/8 piece and connect the splitter power out section to the injector then just add your aes50 data source cable to the injector, POE out port from the injector can now power the dp48, data from elsewhere (like a mixer aes50 port or second DP48 thru port) should be included now from the poe injector output port. EDIT: I said before that data from another DP48 thru port could be the data source for a second DP48, it is most likely true but I can't confirm it 100% at this time. You probably need a master aes50 clock from a mixer as the original data source for the first DP48. Likely that once recieving data from a master clock by way of another DP48 forwarding the thru data, this could be the source of data for a second DP48. Adding more DP48's I would assume to a faily high number (guessing 7+ like the P16's) of daisy chained DP48's

See the link below for background info on power ranges (and much more).


The Hub4 front panel shows that it sends 52v, 25 watts from each port using the 802.3at spec (Thanks again to @Roblof for pointing me the way). So there are still several other options out there from which to choose. Most of them were difficult to sort out as the specs were difficult to find and/or navigate and not uniform in content. In other words I guessed and hoped for the best. To further complicate the situation, some claim to support both the 802.3at and the 802.3af spec. One reason why I thought that first device above might work back in May.

So on to further attempts. The next device:


A combo power and poe injector. At about $50, this one listed as an 802.3at/af device and up to 60v supported. It powers the DP48 easily and passes aes50 data in both directions and is (supposedly) good for 100m runs. So my immediate need was covered. I can now remotely power my DP48 with just a cat8 (or 5/6/7) cable. EDIT: I settled on NOT keeping this one (short proprietary power cable i think) keeping the PoE Texas power supply below instead.


I also bought a third device (May)



It's a network type switch that injects power to several devices at once. My thinking, 3-4 DP48’s could be powered by it. It comes with a power supply as well. **The power supply part works perfectly, the box itself provided power via the poe port just fine but like the first device would not pass data at all. Item #2 now repacked and set to be returned! EDIT: I decided to keep this one also-just for the power supply! Can't beat the price. Leave the box part stored aside for some other use on some other day. The price is fair for the supply alone imo.

***It appears POE SWITCHES do not work AT ALL for passing AES50 data*** (thanks to Rex Beckett for confirming this)

Passive Injectors. The least expensive item ($7)


It's a small passive device and works perfectly with the correct power supply, (wide ranges supported!) it comes without any power supply but works with the ones above or similar. So I believe it will be fine with any 48-60 watt power supply with the right polarity. (yes it will and it does work just fine!)

There are several other injector choices out there (and splitters) that supply power using 10/100 (no data on pins 4,5, 7 or 8) protocol which will work for Ultranet devices ok but NOT DP48's. Important note: ONLY use a 12V dc power supply for P16 use!!! P16 is one directional and the ultranet appears to use only pins 1,2,3 and 6 for passing data OR it at least does NOT use pin 4,5,7 and 8 for P16/ultranet data.


Best for power imo and I use this one the most:


My injector of choice 8 port:


I received (May 2020) another 8 port injector today (also PoE Texas) which also works 100%. This uses power and data to pins 4,5,7 and 8. So it will work with aes50 and the DP48. It will require a power supply like those mentioned above. I will probably keep this one (I did) the matching PoE Texas power supply and the 1 port $7 injector by the same maker. Should be a fairly versatile setup for several possible situations. I since have also added a few other products and splitters as mentioned above.

That's pretty much it. Summary. You need a power supply that gives at least 48v dc. The Midas Hub sends 52V. I suspect 48-60v is fine. 48v worked for me as did 60,54 and 51v. The injector needs to be Mode B (positive power to pins 4 and 5, negative to pins 7 and 8) and passive. Use the 802.3at spec (capable of providing higher power). For AES50 the injector ports need to have all pairs "in" connected to all pairs "out" such that both data AND power are shared on pins 4,5,7 and 8. AES50 and DP48's need all 4 twisted pairs connected in and out to work properly.

Thanks also to Josh Gibson for the following 2 additional choices!




This info, to the best of my knowledge, is correct although anyone who chooses to use it should do so at their own risk. Correctly described/explained or not, the above devices worked or did not work for me as stated.