DP48 POE adaptors and injectors update (alt Hub4 use)


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I tried to simplify everything below (I hope) from the original posts from May/Aug 2020. I also now own a Hub4 (they exist in the USA finally!) but these will still function as intended and can be used with DP48's. A less expensive way to remotely power the DP48's perhaps. The Hub of course has many other features. It was also next to impossible to find my old post which is the biggest reason I'm reposting this here today.


Update Jan 2021 


Device 1




For use with inexpensive power/data splitters like:


Device 2





These will work with a DP48 by using the powered device (1) for the power source for the injector. These are VERY handy because they are compact and they plug into any outlet directly. Connect the power out section to the injector device (2) then connect your aes50 data cable to the injector, POE out port from the injector can now power the dp48, data cable from elsewhere (like a mixer aes50 port or second DP48 thru port) provides the data. Adding more DP48's up to Ia fairly high number (guessing 7+ like the P16's but I am not 100% sure of just how many exactly) You would need one of each for each DP48 line.


Link for for some background info on power ranges (and much more).





Device 3 




Works perfectly fine for both power and data, best perhaps for a single or a few DP48's



 Device 4 




Worth considering IMO for the power supply part ONLY. The price is fair enough just to use for power injector and store the other pieces for another day. The other parts DO NOT work for DP48’s. I originally was going to return it but kept it just for the power supply itself.



 ***It appears POE SWITCHES do not work AT ALL for passing AES50 data***            (thanks to Rex Beckett for confirming this)



Passive Injectors:


Device 4




It's a small passive device and works perfectly with the correct power supply, (wide ranges supported!) it comes without any power supply but works with the ones mentioned above or similar. These will also work with a 12V power supply and P16M’s


There are several other injector choices out there (and splitters) that supply power using 10/100 (no data on pins 4,5, 7 or 8) which will work for Ultranet (P16) devices ok but NOT DP48's. Important note for P16M: ONLY use a 12V dc power supply for P16 use!!! P16 is in one directional only. The ultranet appears to apply to only pins 1,2,3 and 6 OR it at least does NOT use pin 4,5,7 and 8 for P16 data.




Best POWER adaptor imo:


Device 5






My injector of choice, 8 port:


Device 6






Summary. You need a power supply that gives at least 48v dc. The Midas Hub sends 52V. I suspect 48-60v is fine. 48v worked for me as did 60,54 and 51v. The injector needs to be Mode B (positive power to pins 4 and 5, negative to pins 7 and 8) and passive. Use the 802.3at spec (capable of providing higher power). For AES50 the injector needs to have all pairs "in" connected to all pairs "out" such that both data AND power are shared on pins 4,5,7 and 8. *AES50 and DP48's need all 4 twisted pairs connected in and out to work properly in both directions.



Thanks also to Josh Gibson (? Indiana) for the following 2 additional choices! Josh had a great post on how he wired these up in his system which I can't locate but I did copy a summary way back when: 

DP48 Poe  (Josh Gibson)

"So what you need to do is put a POE injector before each DP48. We did this by installing a 12 Port POE injector in our system rack behind the stage. Then I ran (2) Cat5E shielded cables to each floor pocket under the stage. So I run from Wing FOH to the POE injector Data port 1, then from POE port 1 out to the DP48 via floor pocket. Then back from the DP48 to POE injector Data port 2, and then just follow that pattern. This allows me to power up (4) DP48's and have just (2) Cat5E cables to each unit. No power supplies at unit, and no output cables. I get my output back from the DP48 to the Wing then route it so the D32 stagebox output, then route that output to my Wireless IEM transmitters for a stereo IEM feed. Its been working great. Total cable length is over 700ft. Longest single length is 205ft from FOH to rack. Then about 65-75 ft to each floor pocket."



Device 7





Device 8





This info is correct to the best of my knowledge, although anyone who chooses to use any of it should do so completely at their own risk. Correctly described and explained or not, the above devices worked or did not work for me as stated.