Studio Konnekt 48 TOTAL RECALL presets

Total Recall presets are the ones that recall the entire setting of the product, including mixer settings, routing, output settings, bass management, Fabrik settings and more.

Default This is the factory default. Use this to get back to scratch without reset to defaults.

56bit summing mixer Studio Konnekt 48 has a 56bit mixer with 48 bit summing busses, and you can use this to mix your project, if you don't like the sound of your music application mixer. You can even use the Fabrik C Studio, both as a channel EQ/compressor/limiter or at the ouptut bus for finalizing and you can use the Fabrik R Studio reverb for - well, reverb.

Setup your DAW to send each of the channels to the SK48 mixer.

Use the AUX1 bus to send the return signal FROM SK48. The return signal is on audio channel 31+32 (aux1 rtn 1 and 2).

Analog mixer

Sets up Studio Konnekt 48 to mainly have analog input channels.

Analog mixer with Fabriks on inputs.avt

Same as above. Fabrik C Studio is inserted on the four mic inputs, adding nice compression to the signal.

Digital mixer

Sets up Studio Konnekt 48 with digital input channels.

Enhanced output

Adds a Fabrik C Studio to the output of the mixer, allowing to use Fabrik C Studio as a mastering tool. Beware that the core engine of Fabrik C Studio is based on algorithms from our hi-end mastering tools, and has the quality that ensures a perfect result.

Remote controlled headphones

Using the default setting, the remote control does not control the output level of the headphones, it only controls the output to your monitor speakers.

Using this preset, the remote control does also control the level of the headphones.