Pure Data midi to OSC

Hello World!

Following on from discussions here:


My goal is to be able to have full control the XR18 from a midi controller without having to rely on a PC as a middle man. This program is also available on R Pi but I cant get mine working at the moment so Ive just been doing it on PC.

At present midi is severely limited do just doing scene change,fader, pans and mutes. OSC has full capability of controlling all parameters within the mixer.

Ive had some success with a program called Pure Data Extended


I followed a walkthrough for the x32 here


And downloaded a script for Pure Data from the reaper forums here - first post attached files


Then with some tinkering and trial and error I manged to get my midi controller to map to osc and talk to the Xr18 through usb OSC.

Things I still need to discover:

How to change midi channels

How to loop back for updating the controller if I buy a BCR/BCF (the reaper forum file above seems to do this already)

Here is the file I created, I mapped midi channel 1 cc 0 to tell the xr18 to move fader one.


Edit: link here for instructions.