S16 Input Issues

I am the worship leader at our church and I just had an issue with one of my S16 digital snakes. I have a pretty simple setup. One X32 with two digital snakes run to the stage. I installed this system back in October and haven't had any major issues with it since then. Up until now, I've used inputs 1-24 on the digital snakes, and 25-32 are local because of wireless receivers that I wanted to have access to without having to go up to the stage. Well yesterday I wanted to change the last 8 inputs from local to the S16. As soon as I switched the routing in the sound board from local to AES50 25-32, I noticed signal coming out of a few of the channels. Which was bizarre because I had nothing plugged into those inputs, nor have I since I bought it.

After plugging a microphone into input 25, that's when nothing made sense. The gain on the channel was all the way down at -12, but I only had to turn the fader up to about -25 before it was ridiculously loud and there was a bunch of static and white noise in the background. I tried it in every channel (25-32) and the same thing happened every time. I then tested it back in the old input (input 2) and the microphone and channel strip worked like it was supposed to.

I am fairly knowledgeable at this stuff, and I have zero idea as to why this is happening. Is there any reason why that set of 8 inputs would somehow all be acting the same way? Any thoughts or ideas are appreciated! Thanks!