XR18 Utility User1 problem


I've just created a new USER 01 on the XR 18 in X AIR Edit for a Mac.
I put in 10Channels (10th being the L|R Main Channel.)
After saving a "Scene and Snapshot" of everything, I closed it down then relaunched the program.
When I went to load the USER 01, my MAIN L|R channel has disappeared, along with the 3x buttons "Select/Move/Resize". I've shut it down, rebooted my laptop, but they're still missing.
I understand for Windows PC the settings are stored in the file X-AIREdit.init and you can fix the problem by editing the file and reducing the first number in the line that starts: -localprefs/user1 8 OFF 21 22 23 ... which is near the end of the file or to just delete the file and the X-Air Edit will recreate it when you start it again.

How is this done on a Mac where is the file located? Thanks