XR-18 not showing in XEdit "connect" box


Hi Folks,

Help! :)

After several years of having no issues running my XR-18 with an external router, all of a sudden the console no longer shows in the connect box, and entering in the address to it does not connect.

Background of how I have tried to resolve:

1. Direct connect to the mixer with LAN cable - this works, and I am able to set config on the console, but cannot connect via WIFI

2. Reset the network settings, set the LAN connection to DHCP, connect to router, router shows device connected and identifies it properly, but computer (wired to router or wifi) does not "see" it in the connect window, even if IP assigned by router to the console is entered.

3. Rest mixer to factory settings, direct LAN connects but using as access point (no external router) tablet and computer connect without issues to console (XR-18.XX.XX physical), but still Xedit app does not see it in the connect window, even if IP added.

4. Every support vid talks only about how to connect, and they all say "the mixer will pop up in the connect box". Nope....it does not, though I have connected directly to the console as an access point, connected the console to the house WIFI as a client, and connected to an external router . All connection types work perfectly....but the app fails to see the router to connect to it in the app.

Any ideas?