Midi foot switch solution and a new friend

I've had my XR18 out on ten or so gigs and enjoy it more all the time. One of my first reasons from moving away from a 01V96 was to lighten the load, but after hearing the XR18's mic pre's and effects I was even happier.

But like many I wanted some control over the effects especially between songs. This forum is fantastic as we all realize and a great resource, but imagine my delight to discover Paul Vannatto only lives about 40 minutes away! Paul is a super resource for us all here and after first contacting him he immediately volunteered to help me.

Using Colin's code and a little Arduino he programmed and assembled the board for me. I purchased a surplus foot pedal on eBay that turned out to be way too heavy and large. I was then distracted from the project for a bit of time and didn't complete the task as quickly as I wanted to, and in steps Paul again and and say "I'll build one for you"

Well the results are fabulous! In the end I've lightened my load from a four foot rack that took a couple of guys to load in, to a tablet on my mic stand, the XR18 is now mounted in a mic case on the floor doing dual duty, and Paul's Midi foot switch that fits in the palm of my hand.

I've been at this music game for around forty years and haven't been this pleased with new gear in a very long time, and I've been through lots of it. It's come a long way since my first "pro" PA that was a Shure Vocal Master and a couple of columns.

We're blessed here to have the Mods and Behringer to help with this great little box. I warned Paul he may get a few more requests for help after our little adventure. Now that I've gotten to know him I'm sure he'll find a way!

Pictures attached, with thanks,

DaveXR18 in case.JPGPaul's foot switch.jpg