Testing UMC 404HD with Windows 10 64bit


I have seen a few posts suggesting that the UMC drivers do not work with recent versions of Windows 10. I have a fairly new laptop, not normally used for audio, so I decided to see what happened when installing the current drivers.


The PC is a Dell XPS13 (Intel Core i7 8th Gen) running Windows 10 Pro 10.0.18362 (1903). I downloaded the UMC Driver V4.59, un-zipped it and executed the setup file. I accepted all defaults but skipped the hardware connection at the end. I connected a UMC 404HD using the supplied USB cable and a USB-C to USB-A 2.0 adapter cable. The interface was recognized and appeared in Windows Device Manager, Sound, video and game controllers as Behringer UMC 404HD 192kHz. It also appeared in Windows Sound Recording and Playback devices. I verified recording and playback of all channels through ASIO and WASAPI using Reaper (x64).


Just to see whether it mattered, I updated Windows to 10.0.18363.720 (1909). I retested recording and playback through ASIO and WASAPI and it all still worked. I noticed that Reaper (x64) was automatically added to the Privacy -> Microphone list of permitted applications.


I disconnected and reconnected the UMC 404HD a few times without any problems. I also tested with a USB-C to USB-B cable which also worked correctly.


While Reaper (and probably many other DAW packages) can select all the inputs on the UMC 404HD, the same is not the case with Windows built-in sound control. Windows 10 1909 treats the UMC inputs as mono and uses only the left side of each pair. Applications that depend on Windows sound control (e.g. Audacity) are affected by this so a stereo recording will have the left input on both sides. This does not happen on Windows 10 1803 so one of the recent updates has caused this. I have yet to find any setting in Windows Sound Control Panel that resolves this issue.