Router Recommendations


Hey gang!

I did a search but got a "no results found", which I thought was odd. So I apologize if this has been covered...

I have been running my x32 via my iPad more and more lately and I'm having issues that I think are related to my router, so I'm looking for recommendations for a reliable router.


A little background... I bought what I thought was a very highly rated and pricy router 2yrs ago (it was almost $300!). But I didn't really use it much until recently. Now that I'm using it I'm having issues with iPad losing control of the x32 (faders stop responding to my adjustments. For example, I move a faded but it snaps back to where it was when I lift my finger) and sometimes the faders and knows kind of gray out and I can't control anything. Another grip is tap delay. Getting the tap delay to get in time with my "taps" is impossible.


I'd love to hear your recommendations! Thanks in advance!