Toneprint user templates storing


I am very happy with my new pedals HOF and Flashback! I did though have some problems creating my personal templates. I succeesfully managed editing, storing and loading my templates for both HOF and Flashback, but having finished this job and disconnecting the pedals from my comouter the sounds I recalled was very different from what I expected. I tried to redo the operation several times with the same result: The effect levels, delay times, modulations ect. sounded much more intensive and way beyond what expected. Q no 1: Am I right that the actual setting of the pedal knops overide the parameter levels stored in the template? I think I found a solution: I found out that the parameter curves of the templates all very quite steep and I tried to tune the parameter curves to be allmost flattened having my idea of the optimal level effect in position 12. o´clock on the knops and I then set the lowest value just a little lower, the highest value just a little above. The result is a curve allmost flattened with just a slight slope. I then secured that these parameter curves is allmost identical in the 3 stored toneprint templates in each pedal. This seems to work so I can switch between the toneprints without any surpricing sounds but I am wondering: Q no 2: Is my understanding of the function of the pedals correct and Q no 3: Is my solution to handle this the right way to do it?
best regards Soren, Denmark