Midi, unwanted commands being received by xAir 18

Setup overview,
I preform live using Ableton Live for backing tracks and Loopers. I use a Kieth Mcmillen Softstep 2 to control the transport buttons, Loopers and other features I in Ableton and a DJ Twister to control the Track mix on Ableton.
When I’m playing solo, my IO is a UA Arrow that works great with the current setup. No issues there.
When playing as a Duo or Trio I use my xAir 18 and push out each Ableton Track to a separate channel on the xAir via usb. I mute the Ableton tracks I don’t need i.e. if I’m playing with a percussion’s I mute the percussion track on Ableton. Simple works great.
Making adjustment to improve the setup
Recently I got the great idea to control the mix on the xAir with the DJ Twister. So have gone thru great lengths to program the softstep and Twister’s cc commands not to conflict with the hardwired midi cc commands and channels of the xAir. (Basiclly staying away from channels 1,2 and 3 with the twister and sofstep). It is not documented if the xAir response to midi notes and or any channel greater than 3. Also, on the xAir, in setup / audio / midi I only have usb RX checked to avoid conflict with the other devices.
I’m still receiving unwanted midi cc commands into the xAir from the softstep. Specifically, some softstep keys set to transmit note 40 or 41 on channel 5, when pressed it messes the main volume on the xAir channels 3,4,5,6,and 7. If I switch the softstep keys to channel 4 it messes with the mute button on channel 8 of the xAir.
Is there someone out there that can help with this? Is there a more robust implementation document on the xAir’s midi functions?