OSC FX Control Pedal connected over Ethernet for XAir Mixers

Good afternoon.


I'd like to show you a pedal I just finished up that my bands use for controlling FX send mutes on the XR18 board.


I use the Bandhelper songlist app in conjunction with this pedal to automate vocal delay effects, based on song selection.


This pedal uses an ethernet connection with my external router which is connected to the XR18. This enables a bidirectional communication using OSC between the pedal and the mixer board.


If I mute the effect on my laptop, the pedal shows it, and vice versa. Also the pedal displays the scribble strip name for the particular effect as well as showing the mute status.


One handy feature is a tempo LED indication of each FX's delay in milliseconds.


The singer knows at a glance that he's got the right delay already programmed in for that particular song.


All these parameters are sent (in sysex/OSC) by the Bandhelper app, every time I select the next song on the iPad app.


Tried it on a gig last night and had no problems.


Many thanks to Paul Vanatto for the OSC communication code structure.


Hardware used is an ESP32, W5100 wiznet ethernet board and 3.5" TFT display on a RPi shield.


Here is a YouTube link showing operation.  



This link is an update showing one more feature.



FX Pedal.JPG