Perform VK - input/output jacks - stereo or mono or combo?


Just tried running the leys into the Perform VK and then audio out to the powered speaker, however all I can get is this muffled low end sorta sound, nearly no definition. I am using mono cables.

Which leads me to think these connectors are all just stereo only. I note in the diagrams in the manual they show stereo cables.

So, are they exclusively stereo, or are they a "switching jack" whereby either a mono or stereo can be used? If it is a switching, then there is a hardware fault with my unit.


EDIT: Just tried a stereo cable, same result, so I think the unit is faulty! I bought it brand new, but it's juts out of the warranty period. I have never had a need before today to try this, and as it was brand new it's not something I would have thought of testing when I opened it tbh...

Anyhoo, there is an issue so hopefully maybe Nic or someone else from TC can chime in here?