Enhancing piano sound on livestream?


On our lvestreams I've noticed that our piano sounds a little thin(?).  I'm not sure how best to describe it.  Maybe that it doesn't sound very full?  I think it has more high end than low.  I know mic and mic placement play a huge factor, but I'm rather stuck with what we have.

Our room sounds good, but I want to improve the quality of our outside mix.  We're using a Behringer X32.  I assume there are some built-in FX racks that'd be good to shape piano sound(aside from an EQ rack), but I haven't had much luck.  I already have an enhancer inserted on our outside mix, so I'm not sure how to insert an effect on the piano that will only go out over the livestream.  Unless I'd setup an FX mix, that affects only the piano and mix that into the outside mix.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.