M Air app not connecting to MR-18 via external router


Hello... I had heard/read that connection from the M Air app to the MR-18 via external router is more reliable than via its internal router, so I bought an external router - a Linksys EA8300.

First, just to be thorough, I tested it conventionally with my Xfinity internet router, found that the Linksys router functions as intended, and updated its firmware. Then I plugged it into the ethernet jack on the MR-18 and set its Remote switch to Ethernet.

I set my Android device to connect to the Linksys router wifi, which it does, and says "Connected, no internet" (which makes sense).

I open the M Air app, and the connection window appears. Strangely, in the lower left it says...
"Wifi connected to <unknown ssid>
Then, whether I touch Search or Connect, either way the window that appears says...
Wifi connected to <unknown ssid>"
...but never connects.

I've tinkered with the IP address, and also with the Wifi lock, but still with no success.

One thing of note: Apparently, both the MR18 and the Linksys router assign themselves by default the IP address I don't know if that's the issue, but I don't know how to change that for one or the other.

Bottom line... can anyone help me get this external router working right? If not, do I really even need it? So far the MR-18's internal router has worked just fine. Thanks for your help.