VL3X not recording over sequence


I am so [email protected]#$ pissed off at this thing right now. I've read the manual in excrutiating detail and CAN NOT record over a previsouly recorded sequence. I have tried everything I can think of. Hit the RECORD button, let it RECORD over the SEQUENCE, hit the STOP button. I go to track view and make sure all the SEQ marks are missing. I"ve tried saving it and not saving but no matter each time I end the recording/Sequence/Backtrack. Then I switch to a new track and right back to the one I was working on and there are the same old SEQ marks that I just saw were deleted when I recorded over them. And can anyome tell me what a category TC-Helicon claims a VL3X is? What a STUPID way of referencing. Why don't they just have VL3X in the product category. Sorry, I'm just really PO right now. Any help would be appreciated.