iTunes & Mojave


Hello, I have been doing pretty good at learning these consoles and this group has been a great help for my challenges. It appears that after updating to Mojave or updating to the latest firmware I can no longer play music from iTunes via USB to the M32. All sound effects, appilcations including Pro Tools, Logic Pro and even Safari websites play without a hitch but iTunes will only play through the internal speakers from the MacBook Pro. I use iTunes for practicing and as you may be aware the quality is not there through MacBook Pro speakers. I understand some people may not be Apple fans, or fans of iTunes but I am not posting this to get in a fanboy battle I just have not found any answers to this issue. I am hoping I have over looked a simple setting. 

I am using the M32 with the original Klark Technik USB card. The console is using firmware 3.11 and my MacBook Pro is using 10.14.5 Mojave.  All software is up to date and I really couldn't tell you when this issue started because it's not too often when I am trying to playback from iTunes. (It did work before when using 10.13)

In my System Preferences I have DN32-USB selected for input and output. Selecting any other audio device either plays through the built in speakers or casue iTunes to stop playback.

On the M32 I have the USB set for input and it must be correct because I get audio in all other applications I have tried except iTunes. Even YouTube plays just fine through the Midas console.

Anyway if anyone has run across this issue or has a fix I would greatly appreciate it and thank you for taking the time ti read this.