Seeking from advice regarding X32 and digital snakes...


I am trying to update an old system in a church. Currently it has two x-32 mixers and all audio to the mixers are analog. and run through a patch panel, so everything from the stage is in an analog snake into an analog patch bay where you go to the house mixer and to the broadcast mixer. The Broadcast mixer is in another booth and is probably 60-70 feet away from the patch panel. My question is can I remove that old analog patch panel and replace it with the s32 stage box and run output from the aes50 connectors to the mixers meaning the A output goes to my house mixer and the b output goes to my broadcast mixer and is that the easy way to do it? 

I undertand that simply try and connect the two mixers then one mixer will have gain control over the other meaning the two mixers won't be independent of each other to create two true mixes.