voice man to woman not good with Voicelive touch 2... necessity solution

by ratzar



I have to make some video footage as interludes for them I need to also use the woman's voice, not wanting to depend on anyone for reasons of time, I thought about buying a tool that could change your voice from male to female, I don't claim a perfect voice but at least believable.

A salesman advised me to buy the TC-HELICON TOUCH2, which also has an exaggerated price for my use.

I am trying to learn to use it well, but so far from what I've seen the female voice that I can get is definitely not real, it's usually too much style "Donald Duck" and slightly metallic.

Are there any presets that give me a voice for women closer to reality than what I got?

The salesman told me that there would be no problems in transforming a voice from male to female in decent way so I hope that your product is the right one.

I thank all those who help me to solve this problem.

(sorry for my bad english)