Digital Noise Mystery...VL3

I'm hoping someone else had this problem and resolved it. I have a fairly complex setup but I think I only need to describe part of it. 

I have a VL3 running Dual Mono Out, Neumann KMS 105 and Acoustic Guitar in. 

My XLR cables Mogami into a Bose TS8. 

Set up this way everything sounds perfect. 

If I plug anything else into the Bose Mixer not immediately  but within 10 to 20 seconds I get a terrible Loud Digital Noise almost like a cord shorting out. 

I tried different mics, different cords, different channels, muting.....nothing works, the noise keeps happening until I unplug whatever else is plugged into the BOSE. 

I have replaced the mixer, I bought a second VL3 and tested it and I get the same results. 

Any ideas?