HM300 and HD300 - which is good for metal?

by Shash


Well friends. Behringer makes these 2 pedals HM300 and HD300. Before buying think of the following:

Your music flavour = rock, hard rock

Go for HD300 and you can play anything from Hendrix to Sabbath to Twisted Sister to Motley Crue and some Megadeth or Slayer or Metallica also. But most of the times the Distortion and Gain Boost need to be kept beyond 12 O'clock for better results. If you do not have a Noise Gate (NR300), quite noise is generated in the end.

Your music flavour = metal, thrash, hard rock

Go for HM300 and keep the MID and BASS before 12 O'clock and play anything by any metal band and your own music. Even at high settings of Distortion and LEVEL, very less noise is induced. Turning up the MID and BASS also higher will definitely invite noise and using Noise Gate (NR300) would be helpful.

Your music flavour = stoner, doom, alternative

Go for both of these and make a combination of sounds from various settings. You can get the LOW frequencies boosted from HD300 and start with all settings low. Increase needed setting on each pedal in steps till you get the desired DULL sound.

Thanks for listening. Share your thoughts for these 2 pedals also.