Talkbox Synth improvement suggestion - Talkbox note sustain

Hi I'm a guitar player and recently purchased a TC Helicon Talkbox Synth about 2 months back, I have a classic Tube talkbox but wanted to get away from tube/microphone set up, after extensive research I like the Talkbox synth simplicity and pedal format - but in practice it is not a simple effect to use the way it is currently configured. 

My main concern with this product versus the regular talkbox is the ability to sustain notes when not vocalizing or talking into the mic.

My band plays Sweet Emotion by Aerosmith and the talkbox effect sound is good, but I cannot talk into the Microphone to trigger the talkbox synth for 40 seconds without taking a breath - is there a way to add a note sustain feature for a second or 2 seconds? 

When using a regular talk box you have the Tube in your month and can play guitar and breath as needed and it will produce the talkbox sound, with the Talkbox synth if you are not talking into the mic or breathing the sound cuts out - not ideal and it's very abrupt.