Variax JTV & Voiclive 3 - The Perfect Marriage


Hi Craig

I'd like to thank you and the entire voicelive team for such a ground breaking product and amazing support.

The voicelive 3 has been the perfect marriage for me. I've been gigging with it for only 7 weeks. I play a Variax JTV69 ( Firmware 1.71, 0.12 strings) and my acoustic sounds became simply amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I can go from a beautiful bright ( Not Harsh) steel guitar which is perfectly for strumming to a full body wody Bossa nova nylon emulation. All that with ONE instrument.

This is possible thanks to the open customizable eq settings on BOdyrezz.

After using my pod HD religiously for the past 2 years I am happily selling it now.

Sorry I do not mean to bash the other company here. However I felt the need to post this as I believe this product could help some shortcomings on the variax jtv and be an asset to serious gigging musician.

I also found the quality of the amps ,drives, wha , vibrato for the electric just on another level compared side by in my opinion. Really worth giving it a try folks.

Thanks again