Perform-VK always says it's being used by another app when running voice-support


I have had a perform-vk for several months now, and lately - it simply will not connect to voice support, even though it is plugged into the usb port. I have never really understood app-wise that there is no app that will let you configure the unit.  The phone app does not give separate access to the features, it simply names a thousand popular artists and you are to choose one and upposedly it handles the configuration.  My problem is that even that feature doesn't work.  My untit seems to work perfectly until i try to connect to voice support or my phone, then nothing seems to work right.  For now, what I want is to use the three setups like 

1. one voice pitch corrected slightly with reverb

2. Two High - original voice and one or 2 higher harmonies (preferably one) with reverb.

3. doubling with some reverb.

I was able to program a pedal for the above.

But #3 somehow got changed and lost the doubling. 

1. Is there a way to program doubling on the unit itself?

2.  why does the unit always say it is in use by another app even after a fresh reboot?

3.  Is there no phone app that actually works?  Even the beaming doesn't seem to work right. I Would like to be able to easily choose doubling, and even hard tune on occasion