Changes to the Forum - Please Read

Hi All!

First, sorry for being afk for a bit. I was at some training and then took a bit of a holiday. Should have let you know Smiley Happy

Second, we'll be making some changes to the forums and the staff in the next several months.

The forum MAY be moved again as we integrate with the Music Group support (CARE) system. I'm hoping that will be a good thing if it happens, since we all know the weird deficiencies of this particular forum. Maybe you'll even be able to edit your own posts! Miracle! Smiley Wink

If and when we decide to to a move of the forums, I'll give as much warning as I possibly can.

I will also be stepping back from the forum as the day-to-day problem solver/helper guy and Spencer (who's already been posting a bit here) will take over that responsibility. I'm finding that my new Product Manager role is demanding me put my efforts into other areas, so I need to free up some time.

That doesn't mean I'll be gone though. It's that I'll be running more of the "VoiceLive 4" type threads where we talk about future products and ideas, rather than me doing the "how do I do X with Y" type responses. Spencer is awesome and can totally take care of everyone on that front.

Spencer will start doing the tech responses pretty much right away.