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    Lab Gruppen PDX3000Lab Gruppen PDX3000
    Lab Gruppen Introduces PDX3000 Amplifier with DSP Control for Entry/Mid-Level Live Sound Applications


    Kungsbacka, Sweden, October 15, 2019: Committed to building public address power amplifiers, Lab Gruppen carries on delivering to the touring industry by manufacturing a new simplified and cost-effective power amplifier: the PDX3000.


    The new Lab Gruppen PDX3000 amplifier delivers 2 X 1500W of Class D power and is designed to provide superb audio performance in both background and foreground sound systems. It is ideal for a wide variety of applications ranging from touring, live portable sound, restaurants and bars to houses of worship as well as other performance spaces.


    The PDX3000 has a comprehensive DSP feature set for speaker processing and includes crossover, delay, an eight band parametric EQ, limiter and a two band dynamic EQ. Monitoring and control is provided through USB connection and PDX Controller Software as well as an intuitive front panel user interface.


    Full DSP Feature Set for Speaker ProcessingFull DSP Feature Set for Speaker Processing


    This amplifier is equipped with balanced XLR and TRS input connectors with optimized sensitivities and professional SpeakOn* output connectors. Precise power management assures power output under all conditions whilst comprehensive circuit protection guards against short circuits, DC and Thermal overload. A front panel locking feature protects against accidental setting changes.


    A Rugged but lightweight rack mount chassis for maximum durability, temperature-controlled fans and preset library for quick setup are features designed for touring applications.


    Matching Solution with Turbosound Speaker RangesMatching Solution with Turbosound Speaker Ranges

    Sebastian Witkowski, Brand Innovation Leader for Lab Gruppen, said: “It feels great bringing this amplifier to our customers. Power at a good price point and an easy to use solution together with Turbosound, Tannoy and Midas. A great product for entry level touring applications and a great opportunity for Lab Gruppen to grow with its customers!”



    The PDX3000 will be accompanied by the 2 X 1000W PDX2000 amplifier in the near future. Lab Gruppen’s PDX Series is designed and engineered in Sweden and comes with a 10-year warranty.


    The PDX3000 will be available for shipping in December 2019.




    Press Release_P0CBT PDX3000 2019-10-10.pdf
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  • Paulo1

    Tannoy Launch CVS 1.0 series in-ceiling loudspeaker range

    Tannoy, the legendary UK-based manufacturer of reference monitors, hi-fi loudspeakers and commercial speakers are announcing a new range of in-ceiling loudspeakers.

    The CVS1.0 series combines Tannoy’s class leading design pedigree and world respected driver technology to produce a new range of in-ceiling loudspeakers designed for cost critical applications without compromising the high level of performance users expect from Tannoy. The range is designed to excel in a wide variety of applications such as restaurants, hotels, houses of worship, retail, educational facilities and business of all types that require a combination of excellent music and speech sound quality and exceptional reliability.

    The line-up consists of six models that are all available in semi-matt black or semi-matt white finishes. All deliver the power handling, wide frequency response and low distortion typically found in more expensive products. Each model has a powder coated aluminium mesh grille with dust protection. The drivers are mounted in a UV and weather resistant UL 94-V0 and 94-5VB ABS front with a plated steel fire can enclosures. In addition, each model has EN54-24 certification for detection and fire alarm systems, UL1480 certification for fire protected signalling systems and UL2043 certification for air-handling spaces.

    The CVS 301 is designed to provide superb audio performance and features a three-inch polypropylene full range driver with butyl rubber surround for enhanced durability.  

    The CVS 401, CVS 601 and CVS 801 feature four, six and eight-inch coaxial polypropylene drivers with butyl rubber surround and ferrofluid cooled soft dome high frequency drivers that provide class leading sound quality. 

    The CVS 801S in-ceiling subwoofer uses an eight -inch polypropylene long-excursion driver that delivers weighty extended and controlled bass. The low pass baffle design allows the use with other loudspeakers without the need for a crossover. A low impedance version is also available.

    Other features include:
    • Supplied in pairs complete with all mounting hardware
    • Wide constant directivity for optimum coverage
    • Mounting C-ring and ceiling tile rails included
    • Steel cover and strain relief clamping mechanism for fire rated cable
    • Transformer Taps for 70V / 100V line systems or 8 Ohm operatio
    • Ten-year warranty

    TANNOY_CVS 1.0_Series.jpg

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  • Paulo1

    unnamed.pngIntroducing Tannoy Gold Monitors

    Many of the world's greatest hits have been recorded and mixed using Tannoys. 

    The long and storied legacy of Tannoy's studio monitors have endured the test of time and adapted with the evolution of technology.

    Dual Concentric: The heart of Gold
    Today Tannoy is introducing the Tannoy Gold series, the next generation of premium nearfield monitors.

    Engineered to the highest standards and build quality, the Gold series are designed to provide the most powerful, accurate and uncolored representation of your music.

    Whether you're a seasoned Tannoy user or just taking your first step into a monitor system based on the legendary Dual Concentric driver, the Golds are your new best sonic friend and most trusted reference for any project.


    Key features
    • Precise and neutral soundstage
    • Dual Concentric driver technology
    • Front-firing bass port
    • Titanium tweeter with Tulip waveguide
    • Class-AB system
    • Transducer-matched LF and HF bi-amplification
    • Dedicated input trim, bass and treble controls
    • Selectable automatic standby mode


    Tannoy - The Voice Of The Artist

    To find out more about Tannoy please visit:

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    Keep it simple for your at-home and on-the-go recording and performance setup! Go Guitar Pro and Guitar Rack for iOs are the ultimate guitar player's companion. Guitar Rack for iOS puts your pedalboard & amp preferences into action without any additional gear on hand. All you need is an interface to connect your guitar to your iOS device and GO Guitar Pro is the perfect fit.

    GO Guitar Pro works seamlessly with Guitar Rack to deliver high-quality audio & unrivaled guitar effects. When you plug GO Guitar Pro into Guitar Rack, you'll gain instant access to the entire collection of effects, amps, speakers, monitors, mics, and cabinets available in the app! With GO Guitar Pro, your line-in instrument can be connected to a multitude of devices, both for inputs and outputs. That means your GO Guitar Pro will send an audio signal through USB as well as the 3.5mm output for functional versatility. Plus, GO Guitar Pro has both headphone and a 1/4" output for monitoring through a speaker.

    Guitar Rack for iOS:

    Go Guitar Pro In Stores:

    Robbie - GGP - GR.jpg
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    • TCH-Morgan

      Hoped that Guitar rack would work with the basic "Go Guitar"( as promissed in the TC-Helicon adverdtisements) but it does NOT.

      Guitar Rack does not recognize the basic "Go Guitar"and all amp's and efffects remain locked because of this regretably.

      I do not understand whu amp's and effects are blocked anyway, but especially why it does not recognize the TC-Helicon's "Go Guitar" device at all..

      • September 23, 2019
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    Behringer is now number 1.

    We’re very proud and humbled to announce that Behringer is now officially Europe’s number 1 brand (Thomann ranking).

    We’ve just overtaken Yamaha!


    Facts and Figures from Thomann.deFacts and Figures from


    Wow, what an achievement and perfect timing as Behringer is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year (founded 1989).

    All credit goes to you our loyal Customers who have supported us in all these years.

    We simply cannot thank you enough!

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    Hall of Fame 2 X4Hall of Fame 2 X4Following the long TC tradition of powerful reverbs, Hall of Fame 2 X4 steps into the limelight as one of the biggest and most expanded reverbs on the market. With 8 reverb presets on tap, you do not have to bend down to fix your settings mid-song. With Hall of Fame 2 X4 you'll have your inner creative soundscapist gasping for more!

    How do you get too much reverb? Trick question – kinda like, how much bacon is too much? There’s never too much! With a wealth of studio-quality algorithms on tap and 4 preset buttons that double as MASH expression switches, HALL OF FAME 2 X4 REVERB is the ultimate ambience powerhouse.

    From tiny tiled bathroom stall reflections and earthy, cavernous reverberations to gargantuan, atmospheric ambience, HALL OF FAME 2 X4 REVERB has them all and more. With 10 unique, professional-grade reverb presets including TC’s legendary Hall algorithm and our otherworldly Shimmer algorithm that utilizes our proprietary polyphonic octave algorithm from SUB ‘N’ UP, there’s something for every situation.

    With a quartet of our award-winning MASH switches onboard, HALL OF FAME 2 X4 REVERB sets the standard for expressive reverb effects. Aside from toggling between 4 different verb tones, each MASH switch can handle up to 3 effect parameters, reacting to how hard you press the switch with your foot.

    It’s well and good to have 4 preset footswitches at your disposal, but If you’re really getting into some seriously reverb-laden music, you might as well go all in and double up the stakes. HALL OF FAME 2 X4 REVERB’s two preset banks let you step on a brand new set of verbs, totaling 8 different easily-accessible presets. That should be enough to get you through the first half of your set...





    • Famous reverb pedal with 4 pressure-sensitive footswitches for complete control of ambience
    • 4 MASH footswitches let you toggle between reverb sounds instantly
    • New Shimmer reverb uses SUB 'N' UP OCTAVER algorithm for other-worldly sounds
    • Preset bank switch lets you easily access up to 8 stored reverb presets
    • 10 quality reverb types plus 6 TonePrint slots that let you store effects and artist TonePrints
    • Pre-delay knob for fine tuning reverb response time provides total reverb control
    • MASH footswitches give you powerful effect-specific real-time parameter control
    • Craft reverbs and assign MASH functionality with free TonePrint App (PC, Mac, iPhone, Android and iPad)
    • Works flawlessly with both guitar and FX loop level signals
    • Expression pedal and MIDI inputs let you control parameters and switch presets remotely
    • Mono and Stereo inputs and outputs give optimal versatility
    • Analog-Dry-Through maintains integrity of analog dry signal path even when reverb is on
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    Mastering like you've never seen it before. That is exactly what Finalizer is, a tool for you to see and hear differently.

    Drawing on a long tradition of acclaimed dynamic processing and audio measuring, Finalizer comes with its own unique bag of tricks. TC Electronic’s decade-long commitment to designing the best tools for music mastering has resulted in a catalogue of innovations, that have become industry standards - from the magical System 6000 to modern studio classics like the Clarity M hardware meter.


    With its game-changing visual approach and powerful range of tweaked, improved and groundbreaking algorithms, Finalizer is your new one-stop mastering solution.


    The innovative SPECTRO LAB overview features three different readouts that provide detailed and useful information about your track, and assist you in making fast and accurate mastering decisions. The never seen before Spectral Dynamic Contour (patent pending) shows you the dynamic and spectral characteristics of the entire track at a glance. The high-precision Real Time Spectrum provides spectral details for a quick visualization of the real-time peak analysis and a moving average real-time RMS analysis. The Average Spectral Curve is extremely useful for comparing your music to reference tracks by showing you the average energy for each frequency band over the duration of the song.


    Finalizer’s sleek and minimalistic design is optimised for comparing A/B tracks against each other or against your preferred reference tracks, making it easy to keep an overview of all your adjustments. Since the Finalizer mastering software is connected to, you an always reference your own tracks to trending hits and past and present classics. This gives you all the information you need to position your project up against what else is out there.


    With a wealth of powerful equaliser algorithms, Finalizer allows you to fine-tune your project in detail. Take your pick from a broad range of parametric EQs, low/hi cut filters, low/hi shelving EQs and Dynamic EQs that let you tailor your tracks to taste - with broad strokes or with surgical precision, as you see fit. With Finalizer you can easily obtain the perfect stereo image by tweaking and designing the spatial properties of your track. TC Electronic’s famed full-band and multiband compressors let you balance your tracks and pull specific elements to the fore with extreme precision, thanks to the combination of refined versions of our award-winning System 6000 algorithms and groundbreaking new ones.


    Finalizer’s intuitive signal processing modules give you an overview of the signal chain from the earliest preparation stage, through equalizing, stereo adjustments and compression to the final loudness limiting, where your track gets ready for export. Because before you upload your tracks to your preferred streaming services or send them off for cutting to vinyl, they’ve got to be perfect.


    Instead of starting from scratch for every new project, Finalizer comes with a wide range of easily adjustable presets for different scenarios designed by professional mastering engineers.This provides the perfect starting point for your mastering workflow. Naturally, you can create your own presets, tailor-made for your favourite genres, so you can provide tracks with your signature finishing touch consistently.


    All in all: Finalizer can help you bring your mix to the next level


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    Lab Gruppen CA SeriesLab Gruppen CA Series

    Lab Gruppen introduces the CA Series: Energy Star* Certified, compact, simplified amplifiers for commercial installations.


    Kungsbacka Sweden, 20 August 2019: With an enviable pedigree in the world of high-performance amplification, having defining benchmarks in sonic performance, power density, reliability and energy efficiency for over 30 years, Lab Gruppen introduces the Energy Star* Certified CA Series amplifiers for commercial installations.


    The new CA Series amplifiers are a cost-effective solution ideal for bars, restaurants, corporate environments,
 retail destinations, hotels, and many other applications where background music or PA systems are needed.


    Lab Gruppen’s Energy Star* Certified design conserves energy and reduces ownership costs. The CA series 
amplifiers have a flexible power scheme with automatic power On/Off based on the input signal, which reduces 
consumption when a signal is not present. These amplifiers are convection cooled, eliminating fan noise and
 making the system silent for sensitive environments. They are offered in 60W, 120W and 240W, with each version available in one or two channels.


    For installers, the CA series are easy-to-install amplifiers that facilitate faster installations, reduced costs and increased efficiency. The amplifiers offer flexible mounting options with included brackets for surface mounting and various rack-mounting configurations. This adds extensive flexibility as a single product and can be housed in a half 19" rack or full-rack enclosure. Connectivity is also flexible with a balanced line input and parallel mono-sum RCA. A front panel master volume and bass/treble control makes it easy to adjust settings.


    The CA series can also incorporate a remote volume control with Lab Gruppen’s CRC-V series of wall control accessories. The CRC-V is equipped with a single volume control knob, with integrated illumination, and an RJ-45 connector for use with any CAT5 or CAT6 cables in a single-gang/EU wall enclosure format.


    Lab Gruppen CRC-V SeriesLab Gruppen CRC-V Series


    The CA series Commercial Install amplifiers can accommodate a wide range of applications such as a single 
8 Ohm speaker per channel, dual 8 Ohms speakers or a 4 Ohm load per channel, a line of 70V or 100V high impedance speakers with transformer tappings, subwoofer and satellite set in 8 Ohms mode, two channel models driving two zones.


    These compact amplifiers make a great system solution with Tannoy install loudspeakers. They are the perfect
companions to Tannoy CVS and SAT/SUB speaker ranges.


    Matching Solutions with Tannoy CVS and SAT/SUB Speaker RangesMatching Solutions with Tannoy CVS and SAT/SUB Speaker Ranges


    Håkan Alfredsson, Product Manager for Lab Gruppen, said: "Imagine this: you have the need for extra speakers 
in a bar, and you have no space for racks or extensive cabling. The CA series amplifier can be placed almost
 anywhere while Connecting is simple: just plug it in and turn it up. This was the initial thinking behind the CA series.


    Thinking a bit further, we saw a general need for simple-to-use products for all types of small to midsize commercial applications. The CA series fills a gap where Lab Gruppen has not been present until now. We are proud to present this series with building blocks of small, simple, and cost effective units filling all the audio needs in commercial spaces."


    CA series commercial install amplifiers will be available for shipping in October 2019.


    *All third-party trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Their use neither constitutes a claim of the trademark nor affiliation of the trademark owners with Music Tribe. Product names are mentioned solely as a reference for compatibility, effects and/or components. Warranty details can be found at

    PRESS RELEASE_CA Series_2019-08-15.pdf
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    TC Helicon is proud to introduce the ultimate all-in-one iOS app for guitar players, Guitar Rack! Guitar Rack for iOS is a virtual pedalboard and amplifier for guitar, packed with iconic effects, a built-in recording interface, and endless combinations of your favorite sounds.

    With Guitar Rack, you can build your effects, practice, record, and play all in one place on your mobile device! Featuring over 60 masterful recreations of the industry's most iconic effects, all ready to use. Just plug in and play!

    Guitar Rack for iOS is available now on the iOS App Store. Full features can be unlocked with the purchase and connection of select TC Helicon products ➡️ 


    • Select your combination of features manually from:
      • 9 Guitar Amps
      • 12 cabinets
      • 8 microphones
      • 30 effects 
    • Choose from an extensive library of custom preset signal chains and racks or create your own
    • Tune with the TC Electronic Polyphonic Tuner


    • Practice and monitor in real-time using GO GUITAR PRO
    • Import backing tracks and play along
    • Metronome & Tuner in-app
    • Map effects to your MIDI or Bluetooth connected footswitch


    • Loop & record right in the app
    • Load backing tracks, or create them yourself
    • Connect to a DAW for recording, or record and export your recording right in Guitar Rack!

    --- --- --- --- ---

    Go Guitar:

    Go Guitar Pro:

    Go Vocal:

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    • TCH-Morgan

      Nice, just tried it without a Go guitar interface....

      Really like the graphical interface interface. 

      is the polyphonic tuning feature only available with the Go Guitar interface ? Works only chromatic when using the app with an iRig interface.(tuner is set to "Poly" in settings)



      • August 18, 2019
    • TCH-Morgan

      Hey @TC-Mike,
      The polyphonic tuner actually isn't accessible with Go Guitar.  The polyphonic tuner is locked by default along with the majority of pedals and amp sims and other elements.  Unfortunately with Go Guitar being an analog device, it isn't able to unlock Guitar Rack.  Go Guitar Pro however does unlock Guitar Rack and would give access to the polyphonic tuner.  There is a Knowledge Base article here listing all the gear that is capable of unlocking Guitar Rack.  Cheers!

      • September 26, 2019
  • NSomerville



    While most live sound engineers operate as completely solo entities, these French sound engineers are pooling their contacts, experience and workloads into a collective, which has seen them rapidly become some of the most in-demand professionals in the European Heavy Metal scene. We caught up with founding member Camille Bechet to discuss Frogs On Tour’s  journey and why Midas has and will, be with them every step of the way.


    Please tell us about Frogs On Tour, what is it you do and how did you form?


    Hi!  So, frogs on tour is a live crew collective from France.

    We're 4 guys:  Tim Bickford , Chris Edritch , Capsule ( our latest member, we're expanding at the moment and more people are going to join soon ) and myself Camille Bechet. We're sound / light engineers who work mostly in the live sound industry, more precisely in the metal / rock music genre, we’ve all known each other for some time now as it is a very small world and have all been working for the same bands at some point. The reason we started Frogs is that the 3 of us reached a point where we were not able to cover the tour offers we were getting and at the same time had holes in our schedules. By "mutualising" our client pool it allows us to organize our schedule way more easily and, most importantly to turn down as few tour offers as possible. It’s also comforting when you can't do a tour with a band you're used to working with, knowing that the person that's going to cover knows his job and is a nice guy to have on tour.


    What tours have you been on so far in 2019 and what do you have scheduled for the rest of the year?


    Since the start of the year I did a 6 week EU/UK tour with “Palaye Royale” as FOH in January, then jumped on the “Impericon festivals” with “Being As An Ocean” for Mons and then went to Asia for a month with Betraying The Martyrs as FOH engineer , I'm now on the festival run of this summer that will be with Palaye Royale then a death metal band named “Dying Fetus” and probably another tour in August. I also filled in as FOH for one of Chris's band, “Leprous”, and I will cover monitors for 2 shows in august for the new universal project “SKALD”. For the fall I’ve got two headliners tour that haven't been announced yet so I can't really talk about those.

    the bands we work with know that whichever member of the collective is going to work for them is gonna be professional and give them their money’s worth.”


    What are the advantages of being in a collective?


    There are multiple advantages and I can really feel a difference in my overall satisfaction with how things are run since we started this.

    One of the first thing is consistency, we all know and trust each other, we speak the same technical and musical language so we're really on the same page and the bands we work with know that whichever member of the collective is going to work for them is gonna be professional and give them their moneys worth. Bands know that even if they work with a different person from the collective than their " main " technician, there will be communication and work in advance between us to make the transition as smooth as possible so they don't feel like starting from scratch with someone new.

    Being able to rely / trust other people in this job is something very comforting.

    On a communication level it's also more powerful, it feels more legitimate to build good relationships with Brands as a collective than just as a single person.


    How do you market yourselves as a collective?


    As we can! None of us are really focused on marketing to begin with. We don't really market ourselves, each of us have their own customers and we're "pooling" the tour offers we get so that we're all as busy as possible. We're experimenting, seeing what works and what doesn't.

    There is an adrenaline kick in live mixing that I absolutely love.“


    Who or what inspired you to become a sound engineer? Please talk us through your career progression.


    I think like most sound engineers I started as a musician , I fell in love with music as a teenager and I really wanted to make a living out of it so I went to an audio school because I didn’t trust my music skills at that time! I went to the INFA in Paris ( when I was 19 and did a 2-year audio course that was also an apprenticeship so I started working in a PA company at the same time. I was more interested in studio engineering at first but then I fell in love with live music mixing. I then worked for 5 years in the Paris area for events and live shows as a freelancer until I met a metal band from Paris named “As They Burn” that needed a FoH for their European tour at the time. After that I kept getting more tours and I progressively switched to touring full time over a few years.


    Live sound is certainly a more pressured environment when compared to studio engineering, with no opportunity for a second take, do you feel that you thrive on the pressure?


    It definitely is and I think that is something I actually like, I realised when studying that sitting in a studio listening to the same song for hours wasn't for me at all. There is an adrenaline kick in live mixing that I absolutely love. Pressure is not something that paralyzes me, I think I can say I actually enjoy working in a pressured / stressful context it makes the job more "rewarding" in the end.


    Do you have any tips for aspiring Live Sound engineers on how to deal with the added pressure that live sound brings?


    The most important advice I think is to be 100% comfortable on a technical level. If you know all your signal flows and all the processing, you're doing from the source to the PA then whatever issue you're going through you'll be able to handle. Being organized and in control is the way I deal with the pressure that you encounter live. If you're not comfortable with your patch or the sound board you use and you start having issues that’s when it can turn into a nightmare. Always try to get all the "unknown" factors out of the way and be as prepared as you can. If I’m not touring my own mixing desk I always build a show file as solid as I can before the actual events and get in touch with the house technicians to be aware of all the factors that I am going to have to deal with once at the venue. Put simply; I think preparation is key.

    I'd rather have the same mixing desk everyday than have different boards and having to work between different show files all the time.”


    Which do you prefer FoH or monitors and why?


    I think I prefer FoH over Monitors. Both jobs have their positives, when doing monitors I love the proximity with the artists and the sources that you get, but at FoH I feel more involved "musically" in the show which is the part I really love.

    on festivals I honestly couldn't go back to using house boards in a 20 minutes for line checks situation”


    We saw in your recent promotional video that you have been using the Midas M32 on recent tours – why was the M32 your console of choice and in what capacity have you been using it?


    We purchased an M32+DL32 in December because we really think that consistency is a very important factor in live audio. I'd rather have the same mixing desk everyday than have different boards and having to work between different show files all the time. Working the same show everyday allows me to get much deeper and add finesse into the mix, rather than having to build from scratch every day. Even for the artist; consistency allows for way faster and more efficient soundchecks and that is something that is really appreciated, as we usually do monitors from FOH. On club tours they get the same mix every day, that sounds pretty obvious but it really makes a difference. And on festivals I honestly couldn't go back to using house boards in a 20 minutes for line checks situation, I feel like I can offer a good mix and not just be fighting with the clock and doing my mix on the first song. We wanted a board that sounded good, that was reliable and that we actually enjoyed using and were familiar with and the M32 seemed to be the best choice. The moderate size and weight also allows us to pack it in any trailer we encounter and to move it easily which is an important point for us as we often deal with difficult load-in situations and small FoH booths. After 6 month of touring with it, we're 100% happy with and are now already thinking of upgrading our tour kit with more Midas products.


    What was your first experience engineering with Midas Consoles products and what were your first impressions?


    I have a very clear memory of my first Midas experience, that’s the day I started my apprenticeship in France. The PA company I was working for had a Midas Sienna 480 and when I saw it I was just like “wow , what is this huge beast " but at this time I was absolutely green and didn’t really have an ear or an appreciation for audio gear like I do now. I then encountered Midas boards on the road, I've always been a huge fan of the H3000 and even know when I run into one I sometime use it over my touring board, it’s one of the few exceptions I will make! My first real touring experience with Midas was Warped Tour 2016, the festival was touring Pro2 on both the stages I mixed (I was working for two artists for this event; “The Word Alive” and “I See Stars”) and I fell in love with the sound of the board. I learned on analogue and I loved the layout and ergonomics, they are just so logical for me.


    Do frogs On Tour members have any standard/shared working configurations or methods?


    We don’t really have any solid "Protocols" but by working regularly together we tend to organize ourselves in the same way. It also depends on the band and the configuration we're touring. For example with “Being As An Ocean” where Tim is on FoH and I'm on Mons we do have a standard Day / Task organisation that just fell into place naturally after a few shows. One thing I really enjoy when it comes to touring with the same people is that I see ways of working I wouldn't have thought of by myself and I think we take the best in the other people’s work flow to improve our own. I can definitely say that I have learned a lot since we started the collective but it is still all very fresh , we had the idea less than 2 years ago and have been actively touring together for less than a year so we all feel that there is still a lot of room for improvement.


    Do Frogs On Tour members ever share M32 show files?

    Yes we do! We also build our files together when we're on the same tour.


    This must be very helpful in the sense that if one of you cannot make an event that another member can cover you, simply open up your show files and be good to go?

    More or Less! Personally, I know I really like to have the board configured my way so I'm not a fan of starting from someone else's show as I don’t feel I have as much "control", but for example I covered one of Chris' bands the other day and I used his scene as a comparative to build mine, I also imported via libraries some of his settings! At the end I had a board built in my "way" with most of Chris’ mix on it.

    being able to have different eq/comp settings is just a lifesaver for small tours”


    You recently worked on a sold out 11,000 capacity show and in your words you “pushed the capacity of the M32 to its limits” Please tell us more about this show, your stage inputs and set up etc


    So this was during the Impericon Festivals with “Being As An Ocean”. We had an M32 with 20ish channels from stage and monitors with wedges and in ears to run. Initially we were going to go with the M32 for FoH and house boards for monitors, but at pre-production we tried splitting some channels to have separate FoH and Monitors channel and running the wedges and in ears from the DL32 that were on stage. We had 3 cat 5 lines running (A, B, and the wifi router) this way we had the router on stage and then handled monitors with a Computer and an iPad controlling the same board that was used for FoH. We gave it a try and it was flawless! So we used this configuration on the whole run. As we were touring with our own in-ear kit, I only had to get the Amps line from the outputs of the DL32 every day and to tune the wedges and we had our show ready to go! That made the whole tour a lot easier for monitors, the mixes where the same everyday, we were able to virtual soundcheck both FoH and monitors, it wasn't the first festival tour with this band and they definitely noticed a big improvement sound wise. It was much more comfortable than having to build 4 wedges mixes and 4 in ear mixes during a 20/30 minute changeover with a different board every day, so a better result and less stress every day! At the end of the day, between the inputs channels, split channels, outputs for FoH and outputs for monitors, FX rack for the FoH mix, monitors and talkback channels we used pretty much every channel / output / FX slot on the board and every physical input / output on the DL32!


    What is your favourite effect on the M32?

    Definitely the Ultimo comp, if I have to keep one thing on all my shows it’s one of those on the drum group.


    Do you have any pro tricks or tips that you can share?


    For the setup I was talking about, splitting channels between FoH and Mons if they're both handled by the same board and tech, being able to have different eq/comp settings is just a lifesaver for small tours that can't afford to have two different boards/engineers it's a game changer and it's so easy to do with Midas Consoles boards.

     “I started on analogue boards and the quality and flexibility of last generation digital soundboards gave us a level of control and precision that is now insane. “


    What is the most important non-audio equipment item that you need when on tour?

    My Leatherman multi-tool! Saved the day so many times.


    What do you feel is biggest advancement in Live Sound technology during your career – what helps your day to day work the most?

    I started on analogue boards and the quality and flexibility of last generation digital soundboards gave us a level of control and precision that is now insane. Virtual soundchecks, integrated effects emulations (like the ultimo comp and transient designers on the M32) and digital routing options are for me the most powerful innovations since I started working.

    Dealing with the unexpected…. it plays on every level on a human or technical context.“


    Where would you like to see the next technological advancement?


    It's hard to say, different brands are pushing in different directions and everything is pretty interesting! I'd say more cross compatibility in the stage box / boards systems! Being able to use any stage box/board combination would be pretty amazing but I don’t think it will ever happen. I've always been super reticent to bring a computer in my audio chain for stability issues so a board with a lot of "in the box" plug-ins and a flexible insert setup would definitely be very appealing to me as I really don’t want to bring waves via Soundgrid or integration, but I love using plug-ins.


    What is the most challenging part of your work as a touring sound engineer?


    Dealing with the unexpected. Working in different places with different gear and different people, there is always something unexpected happening and managing those events are a huge part of our job, being flexible and adaptable is critical when it comes to that. That can go from a piece of gear breaking last minute, an issue with the bus or the plane that leads to you arriving just before the show, communications issue with the local crew, it plays on every level on a human or technical context.


    What has been the most challenging gig that you have worked on and why (you don’t have to name names)?

    I've been touring most of my career with metal acts and when I started working with “Palaye Royale” which is a more rock / retro sounding band I had to "re-learn" everything I knew about sound since all my mental reflexes weren't working anymore. The sources, the actual mix, having a loud stage volume forced me to totally change my approach. That was challenging but also a very rich experience and I think working with different kind of music is very important to keep an open mind about mixing.

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