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    E Series

    Learn More:

    Amplifiers with Flexible Output Channels and Energy Star Certification for Installation Applications

    From: $2,399

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    IPX Series

    The Lab Gruppen IPX Series Power Amplifiers with DSP and Mobile Apps are designed to serve our Live Portable Sound and Installed Sound Customers.

    From: $1,199.00

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    FAD Series
    Commercial Amplifier with Direct Drive Technology, Dante Networking and Energy Star Certification

    List Price: $550

    List Price: $600

    List Price: $650

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    Proven and reliable Class-D amplifier and can provide superb audio performance in both background and foreground music sound systems.

    List Price: $599

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    Lab Gruppen LIVE Webinar:  Lab Gruppen PDX3000 Amplifier and PDX Controller Software Introduction (Part 1)Lab Gruppen LIVE Webinar: Lab Gruppen PDX3000 Amplifier and PDX Controller Software Introduction (Part 1)

    Our next webinar will be an introduction to the Lab Gruppen PDX3000 amplifier and PDX controller software.

    Register now by clicking on any of the links below with a schedule most convenient for you:

    Session 1: May 26, 2020 - 10:00 AM Europe/Berlin

    Session 2: May 26, 2020 - 9:00 AM America/Los Angeles

    Session 3: May 28, 2020 - 10:00 AM Europe/Berlin

    Session 4: May 28, 2020 - 9:00 AM America/Los Angeles


    Include any questions you want answered with your registration so we can make the session as relevant to your needs as possible.


    See you soon!

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    Meet Kristoffer Lagerström, Innovation Development Systems Testing Leader at Lab GruppenMeet Kristoffer Lagerström, Innovation Development Systems Testing Leader at Lab GruppenKristoffer joined Lab Gruppen in 2014 as a Test Development Engineer. Soon after, he was appointed to lead a team that was tasked to develop test equipment for our production lines in Sweden and China.

    He and his team are creating hardware and software to pre-test Printed Circuit Boards before they are assembled in to finished products and shipped to our customers. Their goal is to catch and solve production-related errors to ensure that we deliver high-quality products to our customers. This is our goal as part of Music Tribe.

    “I would like to say that Lab Gruppen is fantastic… The way that everyone wants to help each other out even if it’s not exactly their task is amazing,” comments Kristoffer.

    A strong team spirit, cooperation and adaptability skills are what Kristoffer likes most about working with his colleagues at Music Tribe. Developing new projects, overcoming challenges and witnessing them transform in to new products together with his team are both fascinating and rewarding for him.

    Kristoffer enjoys spending quality time with his family and friends. He is into sports mostly playing golf and skiing in winter.

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  • 2020-04-23

    Meet Fredrik Kihlberg, Innovation Research Leader at Lab GruppenMeet Fredrik Kihlberg, Innovation Research Leader at Lab Gruppen

    From the moment I realized that Lab Gruppen existed, I wanted to be a part of this utterly awesome company. I’ve been playing a variety of instruments since I was 6 years old and thanks to my father, I developed an interest in electronics when I was young.
    I built my first guitar amplifier when I was around 13 and to be able to work with audio electronics for a living, in a small company located in my hometown of Kungsbacka is just fabulous and even a little unreal!

    When I first joined Lab Gruppen, back in ‘93, we only had approximately 20 employees, most of us assembled amplifiers on the production line. I really enjoyed the early years as it helped me gain a lot of experience and insight into the design and manufacture of class-leading amplifiers. We all had to learn every stage of the production, including wave soldering, metalwork, assembly and shipping. Good and fun times!

    We have come grown significantly from that small company, but in many regards, we still retain the feeling of a small
    entrepreneurial team. We enjoy what we do and we feel that “together we can do anything, and face all types of challenges!” The feeling of accomplishment when we, as a team release a new product or overcome a huge technical challenge is hard to beat!

    Today, my main focus lies in the future with what we can, and must do, to deliver world-class products to our customers for years to come. We cannot sit back and live on the reputation and success of our legacy products. In this time of “technological abundance”, we can design products and systems that we were unable to conceive of 20 years ago. Together with my colleagues, I research new technologies and investigate how we can incorporate them into our products to ensure we have a competitive advantage for many years to come.

    When I´m not designing products at Lab Gruppen, I tend to design and build other things. Over the years the number of loudspeakers, mixers, guitars, signal processors and gadgets of all kinds have reached alarming levels in our small house (to my wife’s vexation!).
    There´s always something new to build! After my family and audio electronics, music is still my greatest passion! Playing, recording and constant listening give a great “soul-boost”!

    One thing that not everyone knows about me is that the first instrument I learned was the accordion. Not the coolest instrument when you’re 15, but these days I´m really glad that I kept it up! When playing a piece from one of the old “Italian accordion-masters”, 
    people realize that the instrument is much more versatile than you may think.

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    LG LIVE Webinar: Create Decentralized SystemLG LIVE Webinar: Create Decentralized SystemSign up for our upcoming webinar where we will be conducting an introduction to the Lucia Series of decentralized, 1/2 rack space, DSP enabled amplifiers. 
    Click on any of the links below to sign up for the session that best fits your schedule:
    Session 1:  ?
    Session 2:  ?
    Session 3:  ?
    Session 4:  ?
    Upon registering, include a question you want answered so we can truly make the webinar relevant to your needs. See you all there!
    #LabGruppen #LuciaSeries #Amplifiers #LIVE #Webinar


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    Lab Gruppen PDX3000Lab Gruppen PDX3000
    Lab Gruppen Introduces PDX3000 Amplifier with DSP Control for Entry/Mid-Level Live Sound Applications


    Kungsbacka, Sweden, October 15, 2019: Committed to building public address power amplifiers, Lab Gruppen carries on delivering to the touring industry by manufacturing a new simplified and cost-effective power amplifier: the PDX3000.


    The new Lab Gruppen PDX3000 amplifier delivers 2 X 1500W of Class D power and is designed to provide superb audio performance in both background and foreground sound systems. It is ideal for a wide variety of applications ranging from touring, live portable sound, restaurants and bars to houses of worship as well as other performance spaces.


    The PDX3000 has a comprehensive DSP feature set for speaker processing and includes crossover, delay, an eight band parametric EQ, limiter and a two band dynamic EQ. Monitoring and control is provided through USB connection and PDX Controller Software as well as an intuitive front panel user interface.


    Full DSP Feature Set for Speaker ProcessingFull DSP Feature Set for Speaker Processing


    This amplifier is equipped with balanced XLR and TRS input connectors with optimized sensitivities and professional SpeakOn* output connectors. Precise power management assures power output under all conditions whilst comprehensive circuit protection guards against short circuits, DC and Thermal overload. A front panel locking feature protects against accidental setting changes.


    A Rugged but lightweight rack mount chassis for maximum durability, temperature-controlled fans and preset library for quick setup are features designed for touring applications.


    Matching Solution with Turbosound Speaker RangesMatching Solution with Turbosound Speaker Ranges

    Sebastian Witkowski, Brand Innovation Leader for Lab Gruppen, said: “It feels great bringing this amplifier to our customers. Power at a good price point and an easy to use solution together with Turbosound, Tannoy and Midas. A great product for entry level touring applications and a great opportunity for Lab Gruppen to grow with its customers!”



    The PDX3000 will be accompanied by the 2 X 1000W PDX2000 amplifier in the near future. Lab Gruppen’s PDX Series is designed and engineered in Sweden and comes with a 10-year warranty.


    The PDX3000 will be available for shipping in December 2019.




    Press Release_P0CBT PDX3000 2019-10-10.pdf
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    Lab Gruppen CA SeriesLab Gruppen CA Series

    Lab Gruppen introduces the CA Series: Energy Star* Certified, compact, simplified amplifiers for commercial installations.


    Kungsbacka Sweden, 20 August 2019: With an enviable pedigree in the world of high-performance amplification, having defining benchmarks in sonic performance, power density, reliability and energy efficiency for over 30 years, Lab Gruppen introduces the Energy Star* Certified CA Series amplifiers for commercial installations.


    The new CA Series amplifiers are a cost-effective solution ideal for bars, restaurants, corporate environments,
 retail destinations, hotels, and many other applications where background music or PA systems are needed.


    Lab Gruppen’s Energy Star* Certified design conserves energy and reduces ownership costs. The CA series 
amplifiers have a flexible power scheme with automatic power On/Off based on the input signal, which reduces 
consumption when a signal is not present. These amplifiers are convection cooled, eliminating fan noise and
 making the system silent for sensitive environments. They are offered in 60W, 120W and 240W, with each version available in one or two channels.


    For installers, the CA series are easy-to-install amplifiers that facilitate faster installations, reduced costs and increased efficiency. The amplifiers offer flexible mounting options with included brackets for surface mounting and various rack-mounting configurations. This adds extensive flexibility as a single product and can be housed in a half 19" rack or full-rack enclosure. Connectivity is also flexible with a balanced line input and parallel mono-sum RCA. A front panel master volume and bass/treble control makes it easy to adjust settings.


    The CA series can also incorporate a remote volume control with Lab Gruppen’s CRC-V series of wall control accessories. The CRC-V is equipped with a single volume control knob, with integrated illumination, and an RJ-45 connector for use with any CAT5 or CAT6 cables in a single-gang/EU wall enclosure format.


    Lab Gruppen CRC-V SeriesLab Gruppen CRC-V Series


    The CA series Commercial Install amplifiers can accommodate a wide range of applications such as a single 
8 Ohm speaker per channel, dual 8 Ohms speakers or a 4 Ohm load per channel, a line of 70V or 100V high impedance speakers with transformer tappings, subwoofer and satellite set in 8 Ohms mode, two channel models driving two zones.


    These compact amplifiers make a great system solution with Tannoy install loudspeakers. They are the perfect
companions to Tannoy CVS and SAT/SUB speaker ranges.


    Matching Solutions with Tannoy CVS and SAT/SUB Speaker RangesMatching Solutions with Tannoy CVS and SAT/SUB Speaker Ranges


    Håkan Alfredsson, Product Manager for Lab Gruppen, said: "Imagine this: you have the need for extra speakers 
in a bar, and you have no space for racks or extensive cabling. The CA series amplifier can be placed almost
 anywhere while Connecting is simple: just plug it in and turn it up. This was the initial thinking behind the CA series.


    Thinking a bit further, we saw a general need for simple-to-use products for all types of small to midsize commercial applications. The CA series fills a gap where Lab Gruppen has not been present until now. We are proud to present this series with building blocks of small, simple, and cost effective units filling all the audio needs in commercial spaces."


    CA series commercial install amplifiers will be available for shipping in October 2019.


    *All third-party trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Their use neither constitutes a claim of the trademark nor affiliation of the trademark owners with Music Tribe. Product names are mentioned solely as a reference for compatibility, effects and/or components. Warranty details can be found at

    PRESS RELEASE_CA Series_2019-08-15.pdf
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