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    GoXLR Series

    Learn More:

    Revolutionary Online Broadcaster Platforms with Mixers, Motorized Faders, Soundboards and Vocal Effects

    The TC Helicon GoXLR Series Effects and Signal Processors and Vocal Effects are designed to serve our Recording and Broadcast Customers.

    From: $35

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  • Music Tribe

    Linkedin Article by Uli Behringer

    Known around the gaming industry for his many award-winning adventure, sports and racing games, Brent is the founder of several software companies including Flashpoint Productions, Symphonix Studios and Motion Software. His products have been enjoyed by millions of fans over the past 40 years.

    It is a great honor for Music Tribe to be joining forces with Brent Erickson to build a dedicated Gaming and software division under Music Tribe’s TC Helicon brand.

    About Brent Erickson

    “I was lucky enough to participate in the birth of the video gaming industry. In March of 1978 I published my first video game at the age of 12 for the TRS-80 Model 1 computer. Little did I know that I would go on to publish more than 90 titles over the next 30 years on many different platforms.

    I developed a very diverse portfolio of products ranging from graphical adventures, arcade shooters, large RPGs, sports, sound and music, and racing games. While some titles were self-published, I also worked with large publishers such as EA, Sega, Bethesda, Activation, and Microsoft to produce and publish many products.

    Earlier in my gaming career I recognized the often overlooked but highly import role that audio plays in games. In the early 90’s I formed a studio, Symphonix, focused on audio for gaming – likely one of the first that existed. The studio focused on adaptive music composition and sound effects and we even published software to help create and edit FM synthesis-based instruments and sound effects. Game audio has come a long way since then.

    It was this connection to audio that led me to join Harman, where I’ve remained for the last 9 years. At Harman I was responsible for building large, cross-functional software teams in the U.S., India, and China and served two, two-year expat assignments in both India and China. I initially focused on the Digitech, dbx, bss, and Lexicon brands but eventually expanded to include all Harman brands. My teams developed a variety of software including embedded, DSP, and desktop and mobile apps. My time at Harman was very challenging and rewarding and I learned a lot about the larger audio/video business.

    With the rise of game streaming, game and pod “casting”, eSports, real-time chat, and the demands for higher quality in-game audio, there is an exciting opportunity for innovation and advancement of gaming-related technologies and products. Music Tribe and TC Helicon are in a unique position to capitalize on this market.

    When Uli contacted me earlier this year and expressed an interest in me leading the TC Helicon team in Canada and expanding their already successful gaming-targeted devices, I decided to take on the challenge. The gaming business is fun, on the bleeding edge of technology and it is growing rapidly. I’m really excited to return to my roots and combine my gaming background and audio/video industry experience with the technologies and expertise that exist in Music Tribe.”

    About Music Tribe

    Uli Behringer, Founder of Music Tribe commented: “We are extremely proud to have Brent on our team. He is not only one of the best software leaders in the pro audio industry but also one of the most competent gaming veterans.

    For more than 20 years, TC Helicon has been the leader in vocal processing technology and two years ago entered the gaming market by launching the GO XLR Series which have become wildly successful. Music Tribe is determined to become a leader in the gaming industry and timing couldn’t be more perfect as TC Helicon just opened a new innovation office in Victoria, Canada.”

    Uli continues: “We are currently recruiting experienced software and hardware engineers with a passion for audio and gaming from all over the world to join us in our mission. People interested can directly contact us at [email protected]

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  • TCH-Aaron
    Triber Moderator

    Hi Everyone!

    The domain is currently undergoing maintenance which is scheduled to wrap by the end of this week (2020-05-22). During this time the website may be unavailable.

    This shouldn't affect the general operation of the GoXLR App or VoiceSupport 2, only their ability to check for the latest firmware updates.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please report any issues in the support channels. Thanks for your patience!

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    • TCH-Aaron
      axelmet VoiceSupport 2 for me and for many others is totally useless, on 3 computers can not connect and my Voicelive, voicetone T1 and Correct xt can not update and I have to keep the bugs of the old versions, the help leads to a non-existent page, have you been abandoned?
      • Feb 21
    • TCH-Aaron
      ANDY007 play acoustic Firmware I need this firmware. Who can help me? | Music Talk
      the upgraded firmware is unavailable due to my wrong operation. Does anyone have this firmware to share with me?
      play acoustic Firmware If you can, please send me an email. Thank you. I'm looking forward to your reply. Email:[email protected]
      My English expression from China is not very good. I hope you can understand my expression.
      • Apr 17
  • TCH-Rob
    Triber Contributor


    Our new GO SOLO & GO TWIN mobile recording interfaces are available now! Whether you’re recording at home or in the wild, these ultra-portable audio-interfaces are the perfect tool for capturing vocals or instruments. Find out more here:


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  • TCH-Rob
    Triber Contributor

    Hi friends! We're working on the next Voicelive product, and we're wondering what you all want in it! What did you love about the VL3, VL3x, or the Voicelive Play series? What features do you want in our next Voicelive and what features did you never use in our previous ones? Do you use our looper a lot? Do you use steps and the hit button? Do you like the 3 page effect configuration on VL3/VL3x or would you prefer guitar and vocal effects to all be mixed on the same page? 

    Let us know what you want, because making something that works for you, our customers, is our top priority. Smiley Happy  

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    • TCH-Rob

      How about a built in expression pedal?  

      • January 24, 2020
    • TCH-Rob

      A little difficult to use looper and get the rythm 100percent so I almost dont use it. Probable its me the problem is. My biggest issue with vl3x is the sound quality. When i use sharpness 50 that is recomended. I get a crispy sound that have whey to much trebble... I normaly just turn the whole thing off. Use the tc helicon mic also. It was a little better then my nta1. Shimmer effext for guitar is also welcome. And better gain control on the outs

      • January 24, 2020
    • TCH-Rob


      features that we're missing from the vl3 were cc messages to control the looper externally. 

      cc message to clear all loops. 

      hope the feedback helps



      • January 24, 2020
    • TCH-Rob

      @terryx that's an awesome idea, and something that we've been thinking about. We'd love to hear what more users think about having a built in expression/volume pedal... it would add a lot of size to the overall footprint of the product but if it's something you guys really want we'd consider adding it. 

      • January 24, 2020
    • TCH-Rob

      We use my VL3X to control the vocal delays and guitar patches live on click tracks (with count ins), using the built-in automation. However, we'd love if we could tack on a midi track, or something similar, that could send midi note changes to run our sequenced lights, instead of a computer. I scoured the web to see if VL3X could do it, but never saw anything clear.

      That way, VLX3 is a live vocal, guitar, and lighting engineer.

      • January 24, 2020
  • TCH-Spencer
    Triber Alumni

    Hey, everybody!

    This is just a heads up that we've released a firmware update for Perform-VE.  If you connect your Perform-VE to VoiceSupport 2, you'll be prompted to update to the new firmware version 2.0 build 76.

    Here's the update's video:

    And here's what's new in more detail:


    Feature Updates:


    Auxiliary input routed through looper:
    The auxiliary input is now recorded into the looper along with the vocal signal. Once recorded into a loop, the auxiliary signal can be removed from a loop in the same fashion as vocals - hold the "Set" button and press the "loop" corner of the "Looper" button.


    Moved drum sample triggers to MIDI notes:
    Instead of using the previous MIDI CC's to trigger the drum samples, now particular MIDI notes sent on MIDI Channel 10 will trigger the drum samples. They are as follows:
    MIDI Note 36 = C2 = Bass Drum
    MIDI Note 38 = D2 = Snare Drum
    MIDI Note 42 = F#2 = Hi Hat


    Variable Gender Morphing:
    The first Style on the Morph button (blue ring) now has a full ring of variable gender from constant to full keyboard mapping before going through 9 analog synth vocoder waveforms.  This gives a nice gradient between formant-preserved and fully-instrumental.


    Added the ability to ignore incoming MIDI CC's, PC's, and MIDI clock:
    Hold the "Set" button while powering on your Perform-VE to ignore incoming MIDI Control Change, Program Change, and clock data. MIDI notes are still accepted in this mode. This is a volatile setting, so rebooting your Perform-VE will re-allow all MIDI data.


    Enhanced behaviour of the XFX effect's Stutter style 1:
    No more double-click, no pause/resume function, removed energy detection.  Now it's much easier to create stutter effects.


    MIDI/Lead mix stored in preset:
    This used to be a global setting shared by all presets.  Now, the MIDI voice level (blue) and LEAD voice level (green) are now stored per-preset.



    Bug Fixes:


    The Morph effect's Gender parameter is no longer applied to the Double effect

    Fixed a bug where clipping an MP-75 or MCA100 could lock up the UI

    More reliable detection of Switch-3 and Switch-6 on power-up

    • The Double effect was tweaked to sound active when Hardtune is enabled
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    • TCH-Spencer

      Hello, how to remap mp-76 buttons? And sample triggers only on channel 10?

      • March 9, 2020
    • TCH-Spencer

      Hi @inkie ,

      Drum triggers are usually set to channel 10. Most midi controllers with pads may even work by default with the VK notes. You can find all the details on how to edit the MP-76 buttons on page 8 of the Perform VE user manual, but in short, once you're in "MP-76" mode (hold set and press "3" until set turns yellow) you can simply hold down the button you want to map on the MP-76, hold down the effect button on the VE you want to toggle, and then release both buttons. 

      • March 10, 2020
    • TCH-Spencer

      I setted my launchpad pro mk3 to channel 10, and nothing happens after i trigger drums, even no midi indication on VE. ! And i figured out that Atack and Release are not saving in preset in firmware 2.0. That's very annoying to tweak it every time i switch the preset. Also, there is only a quick guide to download on the support page for PerformVE. And after i assigned the mp-76 button i don't understand how to clear the assignment, because i mapped it XFX instead of SAMPLE REC

      • March 24, 2020
    • TCH-Spencer

      Hi @inkie ,

      We were having some issues with our website, but the manuals should be back on the website now! That should help with the MP-76 button mapping. 


      Which notes are you playing on the midi controller? Is it the same 3 that trigger the drums?

      • March 30, 2020
    • TCH-Spencer

      Yes I'm using this

      Channel 10

      MIDI Note 36 = C2 = Bass Drum
      MIDI Note 38 = D2 = Snare Drum
      MIDI Note 42 = F#2 = Hi-Hat

      Аннотация 2020-04-02 131502.png

      And what about Evenlope Attack\Release settings that are not saving into the preset?

      • April 1, 2020
  • TCH-Morgan
    Triber Alumni

    Keep it simple for your at-home and on-the-go recording and performance setup! Go Guitar Pro and Guitar Rack for iOs are the ultimate guitar player's companion. Guitar Rack for iOS puts your pedalboard & amp preferences into action without any additional gear on hand. All you need is an interface to connect your guitar to your iOS device and GO Guitar Pro is the perfect fit.

    GO Guitar Pro works seamlessly with Guitar Rack to deliver high-quality audio & unrivaled guitar effects. When you plug GO Guitar Pro into Guitar Rack, you'll gain instant access to the entire collection of effects, amps, speakers, monitors, mics, and cabinets available in the app! With GO Guitar Pro, your line-in instrument can be connected to a multitude of devices, both for inputs and outputs. That means your GO Guitar Pro will send an audio signal through USB as well as the 3.5mm output for functional versatility. Plus, GO Guitar Pro has both headphone and a 1/4" output for monitoring through a speaker.

    Guitar Rack for iOS:

    Go Guitar Pro In Stores:

    Robbie - GGP - GR.jpg
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    • TCH-Morgan

      Hoped that Guitar rack would work with the basic "Go Guitar"( as promissed in the TC-Helicon adverdtisements) but it does NOT.

      Guitar Rack does not recognize the basic "Go Guitar"and all amp's and efffects remain locked because of this regretably.

      I do not understand whu amp's and effects are blocked anyway, but especially why it does not recognize the TC-Helicon's "Go Guitar" device at all..

      • September 23, 2019
  • TCH-Morgan
    Triber Alumni

    TC Helicon is proud to introduce the ultimate all-in-one iOS app for guitar players, Guitar Rack! Guitar Rack for iOS is a virtual pedalboard and amplifier for guitar, packed with iconic effects, a built-in recording interface, and endless combinations of your favorite sounds.

    With Guitar Rack, you can build your effects, practice, record, and play all in one place on your mobile device! Featuring over 60 masterful recreations of the industry's most iconic effects, all ready to use. Just plug in and play!

    Guitar Rack for iOS is available now on the iOS App Store. Full features can be unlocked with the purchase and connection of select TC Helicon products ➡️ 


    • Select your combination of features manually from:
      • 9 Guitar Amps
      • 12 cabinets
      • 8 microphones
      • 30 effects 
    • Choose from an extensive library of custom preset signal chains and racks or create your own
    • Tune with the TC Electronic Polyphonic Tuner


    • Practice and monitor in real-time using GO GUITAR PRO
    • Import backing tracks and play along
    • Metronome & Tuner in-app
    • Map effects to your MIDI or Bluetooth connected footswitch


    • Loop & record right in the app
    • Load backing tracks, or create them yourself
    • Connect to a DAW for recording, or record and export your recording right in Guitar Rack!

    --- --- --- --- ---

    Go Guitar:

    Go Guitar Pro:

    Go Vocal:

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    • TCH-Morgan

      Nice, just tried it without a Go guitar interface....

      Really like the graphical interface interface. 

      is the polyphonic tuning feature only available with the Go Guitar interface ? Works only chromatic when using the app with an iRig interface.(tuner is set to "Poly" in settings)



      • August 18, 2019
    • TCH-Morgan

      Hey @TC-Mike,
      The polyphonic tuner actually isn't accessible with Go Guitar.  The polyphonic tuner is locked by default along with the majority of pedals and amp sims and other elements.  Unfortunately with Go Guitar being an analog device, it isn't able to unlock Guitar Rack.  Go Guitar Pro however does unlock Guitar Rack and would give access to the polyphonic tuner.  There is a Knowledge Base article here listing all the gear that is capable of unlocking Guitar Rack.  Cheers!

      • September 26, 2019
  • TCH-Spencer
    Triber Alumni
    Hi folks, less than a year later, here we are again!
    Coming up in January, our forum will be migrating to a new home. Music Tribe is compiling the forums for each of its brands into one super-site that will also include new aspects like courses and lessons. I've been told that existing user profiles will be carried over, but you'll be prompted to create a new password, and if your username is longer than 12 characters it will likely need to be shortened.

    Beginning on February 10th, will be set to read-only mode. The new community platform will be launching on 15th February 2019, on that date all existing forums will be migrated to the new community

    Thanks to everyone for all your participation in keeping this forum alive and proactive! I've already spent some time in the new forum and am very excited for everyone to get to see its additions and improvements in the new year. Cheers for now everyone, happy holidays!
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    • TCH-Spencer

      Please bring back the old forum, or at least a forum of some sort. With 30+ years in the IT-industry I totally get the need for unified solution across Music Group brands, but this isn't it. I haven't come across this particular software solution before, thankfully, but I can hardly remember seeing anything less fit for purpose. A good user-forum can be a great asset to manufacturer, resellers and customers ... virtually a stairway to heaven. This I'm afraid, is more like the highway to hell 

      • March 1, 2019
    • TCH-Spencer

      Please new forum link........

      • April 20, 2019
    • TCH-Spencer

      Good morning,

      My name is Sam Slough. I’ve had issues concerning warranty on Turbosound monitor and no reply from the community manager, coving specific subject on my Pro 6. This is pathetic how your service, knowledge base, search engine on the web site works and how you are treating YOUR CUSTOMERS to say the least. So, as in the email sent to Turbosound in England, and since I can’t get a response on my case #00961154 nor information of service centers which service my Pro 6, in 2 days, your not going to like the, in full, international video. I’m going to post of the destruction of the worthless monitor, which is NOT being properly handled under warranty. 2 days after that, your really not going to enjoy, a backhoe destroying a MIDAS PRO 6. If anyone, can not get information, with some ease, and surly not going to from your company, information of valuable, expensive equipment and this places the CUSTOMER, which owns the equipment, unable to use or service equipment, then lets put it on the international public stage.


      Thank you for your time

      Sam Slough


      • May 15, 2019
    • TCH-Spencer
      BenPearce I'm lost, where do I post VoiceLive 3 questions?
      • August 18, 2020
  • HenrikMidtgaard
    Contributor - Level 1
    Dear customers,

    Welcome to the new home of the TC Helicon forum!

    As previously announced, we've moved our forum onto this new one, featuring a lot of the other MUSIC brands.

    You should receive a welcome email within the next few days, with all the details to on-board you onto to the integrated experience. We request you to reset your password that will open door to a wealth of information related to all MUSIC brands and collaborate with a broader group of MUSIC customers.

    At the moment some links appear as text, but we are working to resolve that at the moment.

    Warmest regards
    Your TC Helicon team
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