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  • 2020-09-14

    We’re rolling out some new Community updates for everyone with even more coming soon!

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    • MusicTribe
      cjeffers235 I need help with routing on a Midas Pro 1. Currently the House mix and the Streaming mix are the same mix. I'd like to separate them, but the routing is a little confusing.
      • Thu at 4:55 AM
  • 2020-09-14


    We’re very proud to be ranked no 11 among the global industry leaders, based on the recent Music Trades report.


    30 years ago we started our journey in a small living room and have since become one of the fastest growing industry leaders.

    However one should never forget who got us there and my deep gratitude goes out to you, our amazing Tribers and Customers who continue to support us on this incredibly exciting journey. We owe you everything!

    - Linkedin Post by Uli Behringer

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  • 2020-09-11
    Meet Thom Gorrell, Music Tribe's new Performance Scrum Innovation Leader, based in Manchester, UK.
    Thom will oversee the Scrum Team and E2E process ensuring best practices, on time, right quality and lowest cost delivery of Music Tribe's new products to you, our valued Customers.
    He brings a wealth of experience in Product Development, Design and Process creation from consumer and lighting industries.
    Welcome to Music Tribe Thom!
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  • 2020-08-26

    Linkedin Article by Uli Behringer

    Dear Tribers,

    I would like to thank you all for your passion and commitment as we’re going through unprecedented and very challenging times to transform Music Tribe into a very lean, agile, digital and insight driven organization in the Pro AV and Consumer industry.

    We are right in the eye of a storm that is dramatically accelerating the global digital transformation by many magnitudes, while creating a completely new world:

    - Work from home with all its digital and remote communication

    - Unprecedented e-commerce consumer behavior and collapse of brick and mortar

    - Disruption of traditional live events while creating new digital event formats incorporating AR/VR elements

    - Industries rethinking their real estate and physical assets strategy while becoming asset lean and agile

    - Brand new concepts in hospitality and education incorporating health and safety measures

    We at Music Tribe are well prepared for this new era as we started early on by disrupting and reinventing ourselves. While the current market climate drives many traditional companies into extinction, we see this as an incredible opportunity.

    Most importantly, it’s our committed people who’ll enable us to succeed in executing and delivering on our Vision. It’s a very tough time and many challenges are in front of us, but I am 100% sure that we will master them together. We are continuing to strengthen our leadership team with amazing talents from within but also attracting some strong, renown experts from the outside.

    Today, I am excited to share with you that Armin Prommersberger has joined us as our Customer Solution Senior Leader. Armin comes with a breadth of experience across the Pro, Consumer Electronics and Automotive industries and in-depth knowledge in business and engineering.

    Our next evolutionary step is to transform Music Tribe from a product to a Customer Solution service provider. Armin and the Customer Solutions team will now get deeply engaged with our strategic partners together with our Customer Solution and Product Category teams to co-innovate and disrupt the status quo.

    Please join me in welcoming Armin to our Tribe and provide him all your support for a successful start.


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  • 2020-07-13
    #FreeMusicTribe #SecurityUpdates #NewFeatures
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    • Rovi Mortell
      Recon11B I need a spare part for a Beringer GMX 210 V-Tone Amp.
      • Jul 13
      • Watch Free Music Tribe's latest features and security updates in this video!
        Rovi Mortell Hi Recon, thanks for reaching out and apologies for the delayed response. Our Quality team can help you on your concern, please create a Care Ticket via the Support Page ( and select Spare Parts as type.

        In case you need further help creating a ticket, please watch the tutorial available on the top right of the support page or simple click on this link:

        Thank you for your patience!
        • Jul 21
    • Rovi Mortell
      Recon11B This is the part I need.
      • Jul 13
  • 2020-06-30
    Great news! The Midas, Klark Teknik, Lab Gruppen, Lake, Turbosound, TC Helicon, Bugera and B2B store websites are back up and running. Thank you all for your patience and understanding.
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    • Rovi Mortell
      Dennis Dubeau It is still the mess it was before...
      • Jul 2
    • Rovi Mortell
      Pet Gerbil But Dennis, If you'll just bear with us for 3 or 4 more months, We are sure that we can get this site as badly thought out and designed as the last Music Tribe site ( 1.0 ) We've already ignored all the complaints about the usability of 1.0 and moved fore-ward into making this one look and feel exactly the same,but without any of the good parts.
      • Jul 2
      • Brand Websites are Back: Midas, Klark Teknik, Lab Gruppen, Lake, Turbosound, TC Helicon, Bugera and B2B store
        Dennis Dubeau Hopefully... We'll see..!!
        • Jul 7
    • Rovi Mortell
      Pet Gerbil No offence mean't to the web-team, I'm mainly complaining at the instigators of this, Not the people cursed with sorting it out.
      • Jul 3
    • Rovi Mortell
      Filmbolaget Your webshop does not work. I bought an LM2 plugin. The money was withdrawn from my account but I have not received any download link or registration code.
      • Jul 6
      • Brand Websites are Back: Midas, Klark Teknik, Lab Gruppen, Lake, Turbosound, TC Helicon, Bugera and B2B store
        Claus Bay Hi Filmbolaget ... did You get this issue solved? Otherwise please send me Your iLok ID. All the best and stay safe from Claus.
        • Aug 13
  • 2020-06-16
    In part 2 of this Klark Teknik, Lab Gruppen and Tannoy webinar, we'll be discussing recommendations for loudspeakers, amplification, DSP & control solutions. Click any of the session links below to register to your preferred webinar schedule: Session 1: June 19, 2020 - 10:00 AM Europe/Berlin • Session 2: June 19, 2020 - 9:00 AM America/Los Angeles • Session 3: June 22, 2020 - 10:00 AM Europe/Berlin • Session 4: June 22, 2020 - 9:00 AM America/Los Angeles • Be sure to include any questions you have with your registration so we can answer them live. See you there! #KlarkTeknik #LabGruppen #Tannoy #LIVEWebinar #Part2 #loudspeaker #DSP #Controlsolutions
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  • 2020-06-12
    Learn how to create your Community account in this quick instructional video.
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  • 2020-04-06

    I'd like to grab this opportunity to acknowledge these people for their continuous support for the Community.

    I will be sharing this to you every 2 weeks as we review how we are performing every fortnight.


    Here are the top 5 posters for this fortnight:



    141 Replies

    @GaryHiggins 77 Replies14 
    @DaveMorrison 51 Replies
    @TCH-Rob 26 Replies3
    @GeorgeDougherty 14 Replies


    Again, thank you for your continuous support and I hope that we continue to help each other in making the Community. I hope to see these guys again on the next fortnight and hopefully, even see new faces.


    Let's keep supporting and acknowledging each other's contributions, don't forget to give a Kudos and Accept as Solution on those replies that helped you.



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  • 2020-03-25

    Our two favorite capped and bearded pedal boffins go through YOUR frequently asked questions regarding our new Plethora X5. So grab a beer or a coffee and prepare to become wiser ?


    Disclaimer: we're currently all working from home due to the corona crisis, so please excuse the unfamiliar yet (I'm sure you'll all agree) cozy setting!


    Learn (even) more about Plethora X5 here:

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