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    Find an album or playlist you want to share. When you find your album, touch and hold it, then tap Share. In the apps section of the share sheet, you will see several options like Facebook, Instagram.Snapchat and WhatsApp. Then tap one of the options to share your album. I think FM WhatsApp  would be a better option for this purpose.

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    Does anyone know how or where I get a replacement switching power supply for the voicelive FX150. I am going round in circles, I have contacted both recognised suppliers in the UK and they havent eve answered me. Behringer who bought the TC Group out are un contactable 

    This item has a value of about £30 but without a working one makes the whole unit unworkable I use my FX 150 every day for work


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    An air conditioner is a magical machine. Isn’t? You get a fresh cooled air even there is extreme hot. However, water is usually a preferred substance to cool down the temperature. But, it is subjected to storage as well as humidity. You cannot expect water to do cooling work while there is humidity around already.

    Here comes air conditioner into action and the refrigerant is a main agent behind the cooling of air. So what is a refrigerant that creates all the magic?

    Refrigerant is a chemical substance that can change state, especially liquid to gas and vice versa. However, it is capable of absorbing heat during the transition on expense of a very little energy.

    This great asset can absorb heat from a cabin and release it to the outdoor.

    Refrigerant needs to be at certain level to get best of performance. It should not be depleted state because there are a number of reasons that can reduce the refrigerant level. A broken joint, worn hose might allow some sort of leakage of refrigerant out of system.

    If you want to cherish your ride even in scorching heat, never let your car’s refrigerant level down. Besides, a low level of refrigerant is not only creating the cooling issue, but it has some severe consequences to a number of parts of air conditioning system.

    Can we expect the proper cooling from a low level of refrigerant?

    You can drive your vehicle with low fuel level and even push your car’s engine to maximum speed. However, this is not true at all with low level of refrigerant; a low level of refrigerant can provide the maximum cooling.

    In modern sophisticated vehicle, a compressor can detect a low refrigerant level and does not engage with the engine for additional processing. However, if the compressor won't turn on and the air conditioner isn't able to keep the interior cool, you should look into getting it checked out or perhaps hiring a car AC repair service at Service My Car.

    On the other hand, if compressor allows the processing, some parts of the air conditioning system may be in danger due to the low refrigerant level. Low refrigerant levels can seriously harm your air conditioner. Let’s discuss the potential harm of using the low level of refrigerant for cooling.

    Threat to the compressor

    As the temperature is always high under the hood, there is always residual heat and naturally the compressor uses the refrigerant to manage heat while keeping the motor intact.

    A low level of refrigerant would not be able to provide enough cooling. The motor does not instantly burn out when the refrigerant begins to run low. Although compressor damage occurs gradually, it eventually becomes expensive to compensate the damage.

    Therefore, if you want to prevent the situation, you must have the low refrigerant problem fixed by a professional at Service My Car.

    Engine overload

    Low refrigerant levels and engine performance are related; even it appears a bit awkward. Due to low level of refrigerant the cooling takes longer to complete while using more engine power and drains it for a longer time.

    In the end, this requires more effort and strains the engine. And, it is quite visible in form of poor fuel efficiency and premature wear and tear of parts.

    Do not procrastinate to a cooling issue as it might end up in car engine repair while costing too much as compare to the nominal refrigerant top-up. Service My Car helps you in keeping your car air conditioner intact.

    Evaporator coil icing

    Evaporator coils reserve the cold refrigerant when air from the blower passes through before getting cold and entering into the cabin. So these coils do the work of absorbing the heat.

    This seems contradictory, but there might be some signs of icing at evaporator coils if there is a low level of refrigerant.

    At the lower refrigerant levels, it is difficult for the coil to absorb enough heat to warm the cold refrigerant. This results in refrigerant being wasted and being too cold when the system is expecting it to be warm.

    If your refrigerant is too cold, it will cause moisture to freeze on the surface of the coils, which will reduce the performance of your unit and eventually ends up in damaging the core.

    Heated interior

    Refrigerant has the sole responsibility of heat exchange. But, it can do its work properly when the quantity is enough. However, AC seems to have lost its capacity of cooling the interior while producing warm air. But, it is entirely lack of refrigerant causing issue with cooling.

    A low level of refrigerant is not only culprit behind lack of cooling. Sometimes, it results in destructive outcomes and pushes you to look out for an ac compressor repair.

    When you next have your car maintenance according to schedule, you should also request a regular inspection at Service My Car. Additionally, you can order a car repair quote or book a car service on our website or app anytime.

    If you need any type of service or battery replacement abu dhabi, service my car provide pickup and delivery plus full car service at the nearest repair center

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    É provável que você já tenha tido o prazer de ouvir sobre as air fryer a ar antes. O eletrodoméstico já existe há bastante tempo e agora está ganhando destaque em todos os lares. É uma excelente ferramenta para fazer batatas fritas, nuggets de legumes de frango e costeletas que quase não requerem óleo.

    Também é um aparelho perfeito para cozinhar sobras de refeições, como coxinhas de frango, que normalmente ficam encharcadas após serem aquecidas no micro-ondas.

    Além de alimentos fritos, também é possível usar fritadeiras para assar rosquinhas, bolos e pães. Ele fornece a flexibilidade e conveniência do OTG (Oven Toaster Griller) em um tamanho menor. Pode reduzir as calorias consumidas e as gorduras, mantendo a crocância e o sabor que todos gostamos.

    Considerar a compra de um é um desafio para decidir devido às muitas possibilidades. Escolhemos a melhor air fryer para ajudá-lo a selecionar o aparelho ideal para cozinhar.

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    As a gamer I love to buy the headphone, from which I can listen all the gaming sound professionally. Although I have many headphones but I don't know from where I can buy a professional one. If you know a place can you please recommend me. I want to buy the best gaming headphone

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    Fashion design is a distinct area. It’s not easy to pick the ideal laptop.

    As a fashion-conscious student or a professional designer, you will require laptops that look stylish with good performance and long battery life.

    As a fashion-conscious creator, the laptop you use must be a standout by itself, which is particularly crucial when you meet with clients.

    A high-quality build and an elegant design can go a long way to helping you protect your clients and work.

    Because they combine strong specifications with stylish looks in a compact and light frame.

    This is why we have presented the best laptops for fashion designers.

    Based on information on the product or performance as reported by Amazon’s customers, we try to give you the best information possible about the product.

    HB Zenbook

    The next item on our list of the top laptops for fashion-conscious designers is HP ZBook Studio G5.

    It’s another great laptop made by HP, which is well-known for producing some of the best laptops on the market.

    This laptop has a thin frame and lightweight construction.

    HP Spectre. The silver-colored chassis, as well as the surface of the body, are exquisite. It’s the best hp laptop for fashion designers.

    We have yet to see a more elegantly built laptop up to this point. 

    But, it can fulfill your style needs as well. It would be the best laptop for fashion designers.

    This is a 15.6″ display that has an FHD display. It offers stunning images due to its resolution, which is 1920 x 1080.

    In addition, it has anti-glare functions that permit you to focus on your outfits completely.

    You’ll enjoy maximum performance thanks to the Intel 8th Gen Quad-Core i7-8565U processor that you could upgrade your system to 4.6GHz.

    Additionally, the AMD Radeon Professional WX 3200 GPU can do an amazing job, as they say, the least.

    It is awe-inspiring to find out that the memory is 32GB RAM, and the storage capacity is 256GB SSD.

    The battery life is close to 10 to 10 hours which is sufficient.

    It should be no problem carrying the laptop to wherever you’d like to go.

    With the backlit keyboard, You can use it in dark environments or when there is dim lighting.

    It is equipped with a variety of other features, including Wi-Fi and connection ports, fingerprint protection, and an HD webcam.

    It’s quite costly. It costs under $1200, putting it comparable to other MacBooks like the MacBook or the XPS.

    However, it’s worth it. Furthermore, the laptop has a warranty of one year.

    That’s it has all the elements required to create the perfect laptop for fashionistas.


    The style for the device is bold and stylish.The laptop comes with an illuminated keyboard.It has a stunning capacity for memory.The battery time at 10 hours of battery life is awe-inspiring.There are plenty of connectivity ports to help you get your work completed.


    Unfortunately, it has no touchscreen.It’s HP ZBook Studio G5 is not your standard laptop. It has everything it can offer. While it’s not cheap, it has all the features, including an enormous memory and other features that make it worth your time and money.

    Acer Spin 3

    Acer Spin 3. Acer’s products have managed to keep their heads above water within a highly competitive laptop market.

    However, very few of their models have received the attention as Acer’s Spin 3. What’s special with the Spin 3 model?

    It is possible to say that it has enough features to make fashion designers the top list of the most desirable laptops.

    It is equipped with three ease of user modes and can rotate 360 degrees for your needs.

    It’s a 14″ laptop that has an amazing display thanks to its FHD Touchscreen Widescreen. The laptop’s resolution is decent at 1920×1080.

    The laptop’s visuals are clear and have impressive images of high quality. You can simply opt this best laptop for fashion designers.

    Intel UHD graphics 620. It’s also efficient and comes with the 8th generation check areteitech for more.1.8Ghz Intel Core i7-8565U processor, featuring Turbo Boost technology that can’t be beaten.

    The GPU is equally impressive and allows you to meet every fashion requirement with Intel UHD graphics 620.

    The memory comes with 16GB RAM and has a huge storage capacity of 512GB storage.

    It can keep all the information you require, in addition to putting in your favorite music and movies.

    The battery is capable of 12 hours of work with just one charge.

    This device weighs less weight than four pounds, and it’s light.

    In addition, the stylus is rechargeable and comes with an array of other options that make working easy.

    There are two stereo speakers with built-in stereo and one reader for SD cards, HD audio support, and a fingerprint reader.

    It also has excellent connectivity options, allowing you to work effortlessly.


    The processor is strong and is suitable for work in fashion.It is equipped with fast SSD storage for quick and efficient work.The touchscreen is stunning and user-friendly.The battery’s life span is impressive, with more than 11 hours.It also has an active stylus feature.


    It is not equipped with USB-C connectivity.Acer Spin 3 is priced under $800 and is priced at a reasonable price compared to the other devices mentioned below. If you’re an aspiring fashion-related student or professional seeking a high-end, feature-rich, and inexpensive device, Spin 3 should be on your list of devices today.

    ​ Lenovo Yoga

    It’s Lenovo Yoga 730 laptop is an outstanding laptop that is perfect for fashion and video editors.

    The incredible power and sleek design can rise to the occasion whenever the need arises.

    Amazingly, Lenovo has created a device that can take MacBook and XPS likes.

    We were extremely impressed by the possibility and that it has 360-degree rotation.

    The design of the device was also attractive and sleek. This is the best laptop for textile designers.

    It’s a 15.6″ device equipped with an impressive monitor with an FHD screen that is IPS.

    Its resolution is 1920×1080 which gives outstanding image quality. It is perfect and the best laptop for fashion designers.

    It has top-of-the-line memory of 12GB RAM as well as the SSD is 256GB.

    It’s also very powerful and comes with the 8th generation Intel Core i5-8265U.

    It is also possible to upgrade it to 4 GHz.

    The graphics card is also capable of sound, with Intel UHD Graphics 620.

    We were also awed by the battery’s life of 11 hours, which can run all day.

    Unfortunately, the size of this laptop is more than 6lbs.

    It does come with other features such as fingerprint readers, an active stylus pen, and various connectivity options such as Thunderbolt 3.


    It has a modern style.Its memory and storage are attractive.There is a 360-degrees rotating feature that is built into the hinges.It has a variety of options for a perfect experience.It has a battery lifespan of around 11 hours.


    A few users have complained about it being too heavy to transport around.Lenovo Yoga 730 laptop is one of the original laptops. Lenovo has done an excellent job designing this laptop. It has a variety of amazing features that you typically can’t find on other laptops within the category. You should consider it for your needs

    Samsung Notebook 9 Pro

    Samsung Notebook 9 Pro is ideal for fashion-conscious professionals who wish to utilize both laptops and tablets.

    We were amazed by the power of this device.

    In addition to the processor and the flawless design, it can fold and flip.

    This is a 15″ screen that has an interactive touch screen.

    Its resolution is 1920×1080 which gives you amazing images.

    The CPU is stunning with 8th Generation Intel Core i7-8550U by Turbo Boost.

    The graphics card is stunning with an AMD Radeon 540.

    It has 16GB of RAM, and the storage is a 256GB SSD.

    The battery’s lifespan was greater than 12 hours, which will meet the needs of the demands of any fashion designer.

    In addition, the laptop doesn’t weigh much, with 3.7lbs. It’s packed with other features such as its stylus pen and stereo speakers, keyboards with backlights, and more.

    You can utilize them at any time. This is a device that Samsung makes.

    It also comes with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi built into the laptop to make it ideal for professionals and students.

    It’s priced below $1000 and has a reasonable price compared to other laptops we’ve seen from this listing. It’s one of the best affordable laptops for fashion designers.


    It is a sleek and slim design.The laptop is equipped with 360-degree rotation capabilities.It can be used in two ways at once.The charging process is very quick.It comes with a stylus pen that functions effectively.


    The users complained that there was no 4K display.Samsung Notebook 9 Pro is not your standard laptop. It is packed with the best features at a reasonable price. This is ideal for those who want to enter the world of fashion. This is one of the best laptops for fashion designers 2022.

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    Modern vehicles are equipped with highly advanced technology. One such technology includes warning lights. There are a number of warning lights for a variety of purpose. They ultimately offer great information and save us a lot of money, especially on expensive repair costs. If you disregard those warnings, you might end up damaging costly components.

    A fuel warning light intimate you about the current status of fuel, the temperature gauge highlights current engine temperature and list goes on.

    However, there is a check engine light that highlights many severe issues for most critical part of a vehicle. But, there is something to understand about this warning light.

    Why Does The Check Engine Light Illuminate In Different Colours?

    There are countless reasons behind an illuminating check engine light. Your vehicle’s on-board diagnostic system heavily relies on check engine warning light. Your car’s computer will illuminate the warning whenever it detects a problem with the power train (engine, transmission, and related components) and any abnormality in the tailpipe.

    However, a check engine light appears in many forms and colours. This might be some questions in your mind. A check engine light might appear as static or flickering. Besides, some car models prefer to have multiple colours, such as yellow, orange, and red.

    While these different types of colours hint at different level of severity of the issue. If a car relies in static or flickering light, former hints at an issue that need urgent attention while later tells about a serious problem that requires your immediate attention.

    Despite the check engine light's appearance, a flashing light indicates an urgent problem that must be fixed immediately. If there is any ignorance, you will end up having to pay for high repair costs.

    Let’s have a look at the issues that cause the check engine light to go on.

    Severe Engine Problems 

    Have you ever wondered how you would know if there was a serious engine problem if there was no check engine light? There would be some sounds or smells, though.

    A check engine light is demonstrated to be the most reliable information source. The check engine light turns on right away as soon as a car's ECM learns of an anomaly through its sensors.

    The light might also come on, for instance, if there is a problem with the internal combustion engine that results in increased hydrocarbon emissions.

    However, early warning might save you from a costly car engine repair.

    Problematic Spark Plugs

    A proper spark is necessary to ignite the air-to-fuel mixture for the internal combustion process. However, you cannot expect proper functioning without a spark plug.

    The ignition coil's spark delivers itself to the spark plugs via the spark plug wires. Always, a problem causes the check engine light to illuminate.

    Emissions Issue

    Modern vehicles are equipped with a number of pieces of equipment so that the exhaust gases can adhere to the regulations. The exhaust system consists of the catalytic converter, the evaporative emissions system, etc. However, each has a specific job to do while managing the exhaust.

    However, a check engine light highlights the issue with any of this equipment. Because any issue with tailpipe emission certainly hampers the engine's processing.

    Malfunctioning Mass Air Flow Sensor

    The issues with the engine are highlighted by a check engine light. One of them is a mass airflow sensor failure. The mass airflow sensor counts how much air is blown into the engine. It establishes the amount of fuel necessary to run your engine effectively. When an engine begins to malfunction, issues frequently arise.

    Since many of the engine's components interact with one another, when one fails, others frequently follow suit. Therefore, if you want to determine what's wrong, you must choose engine diagnosis. We also provide many more services like car ac repair, car inspection, car detailing, car engine oil change, and many more. You will get complete and best car services and car repairs. We never compromise on our work quality and ensure on-time deliveries.

    Loose Fuel Cap

    There might be some instances of loose fuel caps. However, the cap should be tight enough so that there is enough pressure inside the tank. And, the fuel may travel to the engine eventually.

    If this cap is loose or has some cracks, there are enough chances that the check engine light illuminates to intimate about the situation.

    In the event of an engine light turning on, first check the fuel cap as it may need to be tightened up. If the light turns off, there’s no need to get an expert inspection. If the light is still illuminating, it has to tell something more serious problem.

    The check engine light, however, alerts you to a problem with your car's engine. The warning could be for something simple and unimportant or for something serious that could result in additional car damage.

    A professional check is worth consideration to get better insight into an issue. However, you have to find someone reliable, such as Service My Car. It is a one-stop solution for all your automotive needs, and you get any car repair at a very affordable cost. Besides, you can ask for a quote for a car service on our website or app.


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    Although there are many places to buy the furniture, the one where you get handmade, and custom created items such as live edge in san antonio texas you can easily find every sort of thing from here 

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    Saat ini, banyak orang menggunakan WhatsApp untuk berbagi video, foto, audio, dan banyak lagi. Jika Anda ingin menggunakan WhatsApp dengan beberapa fitur tambahan, maka GB WhatsApp APK tersedia untuk diunduh dan diinstal di perangkat Anda.

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    Do you want to grow a few plants in your home? There is no problem because below you have described some of the best 4×8 grow tents. Unlike other medium tents that consume a lot of time cleaning them, 4×8 tents will be much simpler to clean. From now, time will not cause you any more problems, so you will be able to have a rich culture every year.

    After in-depth research of finding the most ideal tent with all the crucial characteristics and functions, we came with a list of the Top best 4 x 8 grow tents. Without any further ado, let’s jump into the article. 4x8 grow tent

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