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  • smurfzilla
    Contributor - Level 1

    On fresh boot of computer, the GO-XLR device will do it's bootup thing and the GO-XLR app will open.  It loads the default profile in the app.   However, none of the sample buttons work on the device.  If I close the application, and open it again; everything works as expected.


    Anyone else encountered the same issue and have a solution?

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  • 7ackl3box
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    Hey all, first time posting here. I've been the happy owner of a GoXLR for about 2 weeks now, incredible piece of hardware. One issue I've run into is trying to assign Fortnite to the "game" audio slider. I've successfully linked every game I've launched, other than Fortnite, to the "game" audio route, however, for some reason Fortnite must be run through the "system" slider to be able to control the volume. This is of course a bit of a pain, has anyone else experienced this or have insight on a workaround/solution? Thanks! 

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  • Frazley
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    I used to struggle with audio workflows on my PC. Between Gaming, Discord voice chat, Streaming and Podcasting. I would have to constantly struggle with a program to run audio around. The program would periodically start "crackling" if left running too long. I also struggled with what device an app was being sent to, where it was, having to fiddle with audio.


    As a podcaster now, I can run live shows, record and more. The ASIO side of GoXLR lets me record each device separately in GoXLR and the Broadcast Mix makes streams simple as well. I like being able to setup Mutes for my most-used faders, route audio where I want based on profiles. This software and hardware has saved a lot of headache since I started using it.

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  • pjcyrus
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    This video was posted in the Helicon Gaming Discord and has been so great for me for post production editing!


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  • TCH-Spencer
    Triber Alumni

    This is just a heads up that if you have questions about GoXLR, please check out the FAQ page!


    There is also a Discord group here for spreading the love, sharing setups, tech questions, that kind of stuff.  Happy gaming!

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  • MTFS

    Just wanted to share an unboxing video of the TC Helicon Go XLR.

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    • MTFS

      That is nice video its very helpful.

      • March 17, 2019
    • MTFS

      Multi-channel mixer love it. Here me too thinking of making a unboxing mcdvoice video of it. Going to buy another for someone else.

      • April 25, 2019
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