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    Hello tribe,

    During educational presentations, I often share screen with audio.  Stereo settings and original sound is activated in the Zoom preferences, but the signal being received by zoom participants is in Mono.  The stereo switch on the device is engaged as well.  Using a macbook pro running High Sierra.  

    I do not have this problem when a Focusrite 2i2 is being used in the signal chain.

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    Hi guys, im a sound tech in a church and i have a problem, my stage speakers does not have a proper volume (always too low, i have to crank the gain in the compressor to surpass this). Even the headphones needs a boost in the compressor gain because in the headphone amplifier i get a lot of noise if i increase the volume. I will send my scene if anyone can help me (our console is an X32)

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    • jfcjaime
      RexBeckett Hi Jaime, you would get more output level if you increase the Compressor Threshold in the Main LR bus. A threshold of -30dB is quite low.

      Some of your preamp Gains look quite low too. These are best set so that the input meters peak at about -12dBFS at performance levels.
      • November 29, 2020
      • X32 - Mix Outputs with low volume level on speakers
        jfcjaime I do not know how to set a proper gain structure, and my church is a big reverby box. I did some adjustment in the Main LR Bus and it's a little better now. I got a lot of feedback when I increased the preamp gain, and the DCX 2496 (do not know what is the word to describe it in English) is clipping a lot. But my first 4 aux Bus which are my monitors and side fill still are with a low SPL
        • November 29, 2020
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    The email is invalid Music ID is showed up...

    But Care Tickets creation need to select Brand and Model name...

    How can I create Music ID?


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    • Letauth
      Nigel67 Hi Kazuma. Let me check with the Community Support Team and I will get back to you.
      • November 29, 2020
      • Can't create Music ID...
        Nigel67 Can I just confirm that you are trying to log in through the Community page
        and not from the website homepage, as although they look very similar, the login through the website homepage is not for the Community, but a login for our partners and resellers. many thanks
        • November 29, 2020
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    Will an x32 compact retain all its setup as in fader positions, scenes etc when depowered/repowered. The scenario is in a church where very few have technical knowledge and powering up and down I need settings to remain.

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    • mattprice500
      KyleJohnson Hi Matt, Kyle here with Music Tribe. In general, yes. The X32 saves it's current state every 2 minutes, and it will always boot in the same state that it was last shut down in. The only exception would be the Main LR Fader which by default will drop to the bottom when booted, but you can change this setting so that the Main LR Fader returns to it's last used point when powered up.
      • November 12, 2020
      • X 32 Compact keeping settings
        mattprice500 Kyle. Thanks very much for this info. Just what I wanted to hear. Where do I find the setting for the Main LR fader ?
        • November 12, 2020
      • X 32 Compact keeping settings
        KyleJohnson It's in the Setup>Config menu, the option you are looking for is called "Safe Main Levels". If it's checked, the mains will drop down at power on.
        • November 12, 2020
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    Dear Team,

    We are Hoang Bao Khoa, a distributor of Music Tribe in Vietnam. We are looking for spare parts of woofer which is diaphragm.

    We know that your end sells woofer as a spare part. How about the diaphragm of woofer only?

    As our customers send us their feedback about this. When their Turbosound speakers have problem with woofer, they need to change the whole woofer instead of its diaphragm part only. This makes the fee for repairing increase. Meantime, JBL brand offers the smaller components of woofer (as in the picture), which reducing the cost much.

    Kindly advise if your end provide diaphragm as a spare part? Or any better suggestion?




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    • hoangbaokhoa
      KyleJohnson Hello Diem, Kyle here with Music Tribe. For this inquiry please contact support directly. Click on Support at the top of the page, scroll down and submit a Spare Parts ticket.
      • November 11, 2020
  • rclh57
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    Can I use my XR16 to connect to an SD-8 or SD-16 that I want to put remotely by our church's old sound panel where the mics come in and the amps are?


    Many thanks, 



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    • rclh57
      RexBeckett Hi Robin, the XR16 does not support AES50 so cannot connect to an SD8 or SD16 stagebox. It may be better to consider an X32 Rack for this project.
      • October 7, 2020
  • JeffClarke1
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    Using an X32 in a church, the on-desk USB Socket for service recording is very useful!

    Prior to the Covid-19 lockdown we simply needed the sermons to be uploaded to the church website, after processing to .mp3.

    Now that something like "nearly-normal" services are being resumed, there are a number of members who, for various reasons, still feel uneasy about returning to church.  As a result the decision was made that the (already-shorter) complete service would be recorded and then uploaded to the website.

    Al recordings prior to the lockdown, were "perfect" and only failed through operator-error, e.g. forgetting to Stop the recording before the console was switched off, so producing a 0 byte file! 

    Since the resumption of services a problem has manifested itself: specifically, the recording stops, randomly, without any operator action or intervention and any file is reported as 0 bytes.  Sometimes this will happen once, e.g. last Sunday the recording was started deliberately early, within less than two minutes it had stopped, a subsequent restart  was initiated and the recording continued successfully to the end of the service.  On other occasions, e.g. the music group rehearsal last Thursday evening, there were at least three times when the recording stopped, each time with a 0 byte file.

    I raised this as a support issue with Behringer, asking for suggestions to avoid this random stopping of the record process, only to receive a link to a page where the process to retrieve a 0 byte file is given.  I pointed out that I did not want that particular information, helpful as it might be, but guidance on how to avoid a full service recording being puctuated by gaps where the recording stopped and being dependent on the operator noticing the stop and immediately restarting the recording.

    I have verified that this is not an issue with the particular USB Memory Sticks being used.  Both are 32 GB, different manufacturers and both have passed a soak test of writing test data to completely fill them and then verifying the recording by playing back and reading the data.  (I used a very usefull utility called "h2testw" for this.)

    So, after a somewhat lengthy preamble (sorry about that): does anyone have any similar experience or advice to offer how this problem may be corrected and/or avoided?



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    • JeffClarke1
      JeffClarke1 Thought I would update this thread, with the solution to the problem, found after several email messages with Behringer Support UK.

      Although Support never actually confirmed this, it would seem that, with the introduction of v4 Firmware, there is now a requirement to use a USB 3 Memory Stick. Doing so has enabled us to successfully record recent services without problem.

      • October 29, 2020
      • X32 USB Record Socket failing?
        VictorRusso Hey Jeff, are you still having this issue? Seem to be having the same issue, regardless of usb 2 or usb 3 (using usb 3 today and it failed mid sermon, subsequent restart seems to go for at least a good amount of time). Music Tribe, is there a fix for this issue or do we need to work on an alternative?
        • Feb 7
  • Lake
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    Mercedes Me Store Hong Kong - Audio powered by Music Tribe brand partners Lab Gruppen and Tannoy
    Mercedes-Benz created a brand new retail and dining concept in the heart of Hong Kong's Central district. Sound is delivered by Tannoy. Power is provided by brand partner Lab.gruppen
    Precision Control at Your Fingertips.
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  • jwsandersjr
    Contributor - Level 2

    I'm running an X32 with the V4.02 firmware. I have a question about the display on the home screen when a channel is selected. On "home" there are small graphic versions for Gate, Dynamics and EQ. I thought I had seen these smaller graphs actually work (or be active, i.e., the "square" would move along the graph line in the gate display, similar to what is shown on the Gate tab). Recently these don't seem to be moving. I thought I had seen a post from someone else that might have mentioned such an issue but I cannot find that anywhere? Is this a known issue and is there a solution, or am I incorrect on the display?

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    • jwsandersjr
      john0121 Hi Jim, I just checked this on my M32R and the smaller graphics on a Channels home screen do reflect the processing. Could you fill out a tech support case via the Support button and go through some troubleshooting with the team?
      • September 14, 2020
      • Home Screen display of Gate, Dyn and EQ
        jwsandersjr Thanks, John ... will do. I usually only have access to the board on Wednesdays and Sundays, so it might be a while. Other than the serial number, what else should I grab while I'm there? Any files needed and if so which ones?
        • September 15, 2020
      • Home Screen display of Gate, Dyn and EQ
        john0121 If you could send a video showing the problem and a copy of the scene/show file your using that would be fine thanks
        • September 16, 2020
      • Home Screen display of Gate, Dyn and EQ
        jwsandersjr Thanks, I'll get a video on Sunday, but will open the ticket today. Can you suggest a "title" or "subject line" for my request that would best help tech support understand what I'm asking?
        • September 17, 2020
      • Home Screen display of Gate, Dyn and EQ
        john0121 just use the title and description from your original post and a team member in your region will pick it up Monday
        • September 17, 2020
  • hppygo
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    Designing a system for a bar restaurant.  Have a totol of 9 zones with 6 fixed inputs and a snake for band performances.  Can I use the X32 as both a sound board for the band and setup output zones with remote zone controllers (tablets in each location to selcect source and volume level) for the restaurant and multiple bars?  

    I haven't worked with the X32, but am guessing I can program the output Zones, just don't know if I can program mutliple tablets to control only certian functions such as selectiing source and controlling volume for each zone. 

    How many different tablets can control the X32 at the same time?  

    Can the tablets be programed or locked into specific function of the X32? 

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    • hppygo
      KyleJohnson Hello, Kyle here with Music Tribe. Short answer, yes. The X32 has 16 mix busses as well as 6 matrix busses, so you can easily setup outputs for different zones. There are multiple apps you could use, the X32 app for iPad gives you full control over the console for mixing FOH. You could also use the MX-Q app for your zones, MX-Q is designed for performers to mix their monitors, but at it's core it really gives the user control over 1-2 bus mixes. So you could send busses to your zones and have an iPad or iPhone setup to control that zone with the MX-Q app. You could also control the separate mixes for each zone using the main X32 app from FOH.

      It's a fairly easy setup, just creating bus mixes and routing them to outputs. Or sending your main LR mix to Matrix channels, and routing those Matrix channels to outputs.

      You would need a wireless router connected to the X32, and then connect your mobile device(s) to the router as well.
      • September 9, 2020
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