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    One of my installations of an X32Rack is experiencing scene memory recall issues. I instructed them to make sure they return to a basic scene for their daily operations before they shut down each time, to make it easy for everyone to just turn it on and go. However, some channels that are supposed to be muted come up unmuted, and levels are mysteriously changing and causing feedback issues. I've donw updates of firmware, and plcing the scenes at new locations to try to alleviate the probelm, but it eventually follows to the new locations with the same result. The unit has been in place for 5 years now, and I'm wondering if there's a fix for this issue.

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    • DouglasDimeler
      RexBeckett Hi Douglas, are they forcing the configuration to be saved by using Setup -> Shutdown after loading the basic scene?
      • Jun 25
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    Evidentemente tengo un problema con Windows, no sé cómo lograr que la App reconozca la interface de mi xr18.... conocté el USB pero no aparece en el listado de interface y a partir de ahi no puedo avanzar.


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    • argentino40
      Nigel67 Is the XR18 showing up as a audio device in your Bluetooth and other devices in Windows 10? If it is, also check the Sound settings, both recording and playback to see if the XR18 is showing up there. Play some audio from the XR18 to the computer and the bargraph on the recording page should light up indicating that audio is reaching the computer. If it does, then the issue is more than likely going to be with your DAW. I would suggest trying to uninstall and then re-install it. I have attached a jpeg showing the set up of the XR18 for Windows 10.
      • Apr 25
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    cab somebody halp me , |I am looking for tye drivers for the behringer umx 49. on the site from behringer there are no working links

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    • pigro
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi pigro, the UMX 49 uses the ASIO4ALL driver. A link for this can be found on the product page via our website and alternatively can be download directly from their website. Please see the link below:
      • Mar 25
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    Hello TC Support,


    I just purchased the new TC 6000 native bundle, registered succesfully but the mentioned link for downloading the software is wrong...

    please send me the correct link

    thank you and best regards


    Achim Oppermann

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    hi I woul like to know if I can connect my Technics Turntable to an audio interface Behringer U-PHORIA UMC22 ?


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    • michelmanget
      RexBeckett Hi Michel, the UMC22 interface does not include a phono preamp/equalizer. It is also designed for one mic and one line/instrument input so is not the best for stereo sources.

      If your turntable does not have a built-in phono preamp, you could use a phono/USB interface e.g. UFO202. Alternatively if you have a good phono preamp, you could use a stereo/USB interface e.g. UMC202HD.
      • Mar 5
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    This just started happening. My unit is probably 3 years old. When I start adjusting settings or changing things while editing things like amp eq... drive settings,, reverb.. really anything. My screen splits up into different sections. like if you looked in a mirror or thru a glass window that was broken. part od the screen is on top, the rest of the screen is on the bottom of the display window. Or, the 2 sides of the screen are fine and the middle has it's own section above or below the rest of the screen. Nothing is cracked or broken on the screen. To fix this , i simply turn off the uniy and back on and it is fine. It may last 5 min. or 5 days. Or as long as I use it normally and don't change any perimetors ,,, its fine. Can this be fixed? Has anyone else had this problem?, thanks,, Don

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    • DonHogan
      Nigel67 Hi DonHogan. You could try a factory reset, but if this doesn't work, you will need to send the unit in for repair. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. This will open a new window. Scroll down and click on the Service tab and submit a ticket. Many thanks.
      • Feb 7
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    The email is invalid Music ID is showed up...

    But Care Tickets creation need to select Brand and Model name...

    How can I create Music ID?


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    • Sursonido
      Nigel67 Hi, when you click on the Community tab, you are taken to the Community page and there is a pop up window which asks you to sign in or create an account. This is where you create your account. If you are trying to sign in on the Home page, then this is a login for our partners to a different portal. It is not the Community login / sign up. Hope this helps. Any issues, please get bck to me.
      • Jan 28
    • Sursonido
      Sursonido I signed up for a B2B account.
      But when I try to enter it does not let me and it says that the ID or password is wrong. I have changed the password, but the problem persists. I have tried to create a new account, but it tells me that the email is invalid. All emails are invalid!
      • Jan 31
      • The email is invalid Music ID
        Sursonido I'm sorry but I can't speak English, I only know Spanish. I hope the translation is a bit correct.
        • Jan 31
    • Sursonido
      Nigel67 Hi, you are trying to sign up on the distributor portal. You must be in the Community page to sign up and then submit a ticket. Please watch this video as it may help
      • Feb 1
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    Hi there.

    Am writing on behalf of my son, who has a lighting board but the screen doesn't work. It only show green (no other display).

    Would be so grateful for some help as it was an expensive gift and lighting is his passion! Thank you!

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    Hello, who do I need to connect with to gain permission to use some of the graphs from the Klark Teknik Audio System Designer booklet, in a PowerPoint presentation, please?

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    • JohnStuartReid
      Nigel67 Hi John, let me look into this for you and I will come back as soon as I can with an answer.
      • Jan 7
      • Permission to use graphs in the Klark Teknik Audio System Desiner booklet
        Nigel67 Hi John, have done some asking around. It will be fine to use them without gaining any permission as long as you are not going to put them up on the internet for anyone to view. I am guessing that you are just going to use them for students? It will not be a problem. Hope this answers your question
        • Jan 11
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