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  • fotnaa
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    Is it posible to get gll for Focus Ease for Behringer CE500A-BK speaker?

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  • EdwardBrownlee
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    Using X32 Producer for property wide sound but we have noisy and dead hours.  I have three scenes saved for normal, raised and low volume and would like to use the assign screen to change by push button.  However, the assign buttons revert to their previous, I assume factory default, settings after one successful use of one of the three assigned buttons.  Ive cleared all eight push buttons on A, B, and C assigns to no avail and my firmware is 3.09 so it's up to date.  I'd use the scenes since they work but non-tech people have to operate the mixer and push buttons with a confirming right arrow is preferable.

    Any idea what I'm missing?

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    • EdwardBrownlee


      Hi Edward, welcome to the forum.


      It sounds as though your three target scenes were saved without the assigns being set first. So when the scenes are recalled, they overwrite the assign settings. Try recalling each scene, setting the assigns and then saving them.


      An alternative would be to recall snippets rather than scenes. Set each snippet to only adjust the required levels. If the snippets only control the levels, they will not change the assign settings.

      • November 11, 2019
  • Fcnr
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    Hello everyone, help is appreciated. 

    Upgraded our Midas Pro2 to the latest version available 3.4.6, was planning to upgrade the firmware of our DL231's, but was unable to finish the upgrade with the IO upgrade software. 

    Respecting the proper procedures for the upgrader (local IP set, firewall temporarily deactivated, DL Unit and ID matching the settings of the IO interface) , the process always fails at step : Cannot connect to device!

    Also, the current version of the unit reads : UNKNOWN 

    Could someone elucidate please? I reckon this isnt a connectivity issue, and know no more what to do to conclude the upgrade... 

    Thank you in advance, 






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    • Fcnr

      Hi @Fcnr 

      Have you tried upgrading the DL231 while connected to the Pro2, using the Pro2's upgrade process? If you're unfamiliar, you can upgrade I/O boxes whilst connected to a PRO Series console. It will likely work using this method. However should this not work, you can connect from the Pro2's AES50 port to the DL231's Ethernet Control port and run the console updater too. 

      Please, if you're still having trouble feel free to private message me and I'd be happy to assist further. 

      • October 24, 2019
  • tterrill
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    I have a couple of outputs from my meeting room A/V system. I can record on Audacity when I have the XLR plugged in, but I cannot use that feed because it's line level. But I can use the jack interface. I can hear the room via the direct monitor but I cannot understand why the sound isn't coming through the USB interface. Why would I be able to record when the sound comes in via the XLR line but not via line 2? 

    Thank you, 


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    • tterrill

      Hi Thane ( @tterrill ), 


      Welcome to the community.  Can you open Sound Control Panel and take a look at the Advanced Properties for the Input device?  It should say "2 Channel, 24 bit, 44100 Hz (Studio Quality)".  The "2 Channel" is the only important part.  If it doesn't say "2 Channel" then you have a driver problem.  If it does then it's something in the Audacity setup.  I can't help much with Audacity since I don't use it. 


      Hope this helps, 



      • October 21, 2019
  • JSabina
    Contributor - Level 1

    Hello I have 2 service tickets open via the Portal and no one has responded since. Can some please improve this process it is absolutely painful.

    Ticket 0107741 opened 10/3

    Ticket 0107737 opened 10/3

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  • dougdeangelis
    Contributor - Level 1


    I am the organizer of the A3E 'Future Of Audio' Summit, which takes place at NAMM and Messe global events worldwide. I am trying to reach a global marketing director to help me showcase Midas at ProLight+Sound Shanghai on a session called: Advanced Audio On Tour: The Latest Technology for FOH Mixing

    There is no cost for participating. Each company will give a presentation on their latest technology at PLSS, followed by a group discussion on the subject. Would you please ask a marketing director for China to contact me as soon as possible at: [email protected]

    Thank you,


    1 (323) 788-4350

    A3E Website:




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  • dave500
    Contributor - Level 1

    I downloaded model d 1.3.1 update. it says it is a firmware updater for Windows. when I run 1.3.1 it says that 1.1.1 is the current firmware.   What is the current firmware version?



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    • dave500

      It's a bit confusing with all the different "versions" and no direct map/guide on how to use them.

      • October 11, 2019
    • dave500

      Sorry but I do not see what revision you are referring to. Lake Controller Software is presently at 6.8.3 and Firmware is at 3.36. If you open the accompanying Read Me file to the LC software it will indicate which level the Firmware is at. I am not sure what you are referring to when you state 1.3.1? The Firmware Updater is a utility of the accompanying LC Software.

      lake rm.PNG

      • October 14, 2019
  • bhaikosalam
    Contributor - Level 2

    I don't know where to ask, the audiophile subreddit was no help, not much on google either.

    I'm looking for passive speakers that do well with techno & electronic music in general. I'm sure you'vee noticed that sometimes high end speakers are great for all types of music, except for techno and electro where the bass doesn't sound sharp and detailed but rather slow and messy. how to win at internet cafe sweepstakes

    What passive speakers would you guys recommend ?

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    • bhaikosalam

      What size, power and price range are you looking for? Otherwise the sky's the limit. 

      "sometimes high end speakers are great for all types of music, except for techno and electro where the bass doesn't sound sharp and detailed "

      That's why active speakers can be so much better with separate amps for the top and bass where the bass can be much better controlled by being directly connected to the bass amp without any crossover components in between.

      • August 20, 2019
  • bhaikosalam
    Contributor - Level 2

     open my arms to anyone who wants to pick up a new instrument or learn to DJ. But I'm relentlessly seeing people ask questions about if it's okay to mix multiple genres? Whether to use cross faders or channel faders? What the perfect BPM for house is? How should I transition tracks when mixing Dubstep etc.?

    It's absolutely okay to ask these questions but the answer is almost always: dude you can do whatever you want! You're a DJ. You have the tools be it your CDJs, your Traktor, your Belt Drives or even your smart phone app to be a creative artist and mix and blend the music that YOU love how EVER YOU see fit. The world of music is your musical playground. If you're asking the next guy how to crossfade Techno you will become the next guy. Do you. Sure you can take inspiration from DJs you love but ultimately these tools that you have in front of you, they are a vehicle for you to have fun and express yourself. internet sweepstakes software

    Learn what your effects do. Learn about gain. Learn the very basics of beat matching and that's it. Your levels, your effects, your faders.. They're your playground dude. Do with them as you please. Do you. Just do you.

    Love double drops? Become the master of them. Love scratching? Slay it! Love insane echo and reverb rewind/wheel up mania? Do it. Just want to casually cross fade one track into another over the course of 3 minutes because you love 10-15 minute balaeric beats? Do it. Want to start at 75bpm and work your way slowly up to 180bpm over the course of 6 hours? No one's stopping you. Rather I implore you do it.

    Stop worrying about how everyone else is doing it. Christ, I still don't even know what 30% of the effects on my mixer really do and I've been mixing as a hobbyist DJ for 13 years. But the bottom line is I'm a way better DJ than I was even 4 years ago. And for years ago I was way better than I was 4 years before that. And the whole time I've had nothing but fun. The research I've done along the way? Googled best equipment on whatever my budget has been and when I transitioned from Virtual DJ to CDJs 9 years ago I had to learn to beatmatch. And now I'm finally learning to use Vinyl (like a big boy) and it's not been too tricky. Otherwise there really isn't much els

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    • bhaikosalam

      Hi Bhaik ( @bhaikosalam ), 


      Welcome to the community. Thank you and well said.  I've observed similar things in several areas and, while not assigning blame, I think it's at least partially due to the always-connected society we now live in.  Rather than experimenting and creating something new, it's easier to go to Youtube and find 20 videos showing you how to copy someone else's technique.  Want to sound like The Beatles? Buy a set of Abbey Road Studios plugins.  I see the same thing when it comes to problem solving.  Rather than reading through a manual or just stepping back and thinking for a minute about how something might work, it's easier to go to Google and search for an answer. 


      I've started using a catch-phrase of "Disconnect and Reconnect."  Disconnect from your phone and reconnect with your brain.


      Thanks again,



      • August 18, 2019
  • violasoundsgood
    Contributor - Level 1

    HI Tribe,

    Does anyone have any information on donation or grant programs through tribe for schools?  Thanks in advance.

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