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  • BoC
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    I can't believe I am the first on here!

    I am UK based with over 15 years of experience teaching and supporting music, media and sound recording in schools, working directly with students from KS2 through AS and A levels and beyond, including extensive work with SEND students. 

    I have built and supported recording studios from scratch into a number of schools. I really believe Behringer gear is a great asset in opening up the world of sound to students of all ages and abilities. Essentially cost-effective, reliable, robust and more than equal in quality to any of the more expensive 'name-drop' products it is very easy to build a simple yet comprehensive recording facility in a school with Behringer equipment at the heart.

    A decent recording setup can be a very cross-curricular tool and should never be thought of as simply something for the music budget. We are looking at creativity here and creativity is essential in all subjects. Literacy is an easy target, with the possibilities of podcasting, audio dramas, and investigative reports and in my experience, you can take any subject and use media as a tool to enhance topics and engage students.

    Let's all keep in touch on here...



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    • BoC

      Hi Brian ( @BoC ), 


      Welcome to the community.  Trust me you are not alone. What you are seeing is a result of the micro-segmentation of the forums that occurred a few months back during an overhaul. 


      While I'm not a formal educator, I've been mentoring in tech theatre for a whlie and completely agree with you on the value of multimedia in the curriculum.  As you'd expect to find on these forums, my contribution is on the audo performance side, lately being sound effects for live performances.  For tech theatre, the sound tech students of course run the sound board but part of what I have them doing is creating their own instrument samples as well as other sound samples to be used in complex sound effects.  You can really see the creativity come out when they start to blend, morph, etc. the samples they've collected.  I even have one student working on his own compositions to be used in a future show. 


      A while back I started working on a course called "The Science of Sound" but it quickly got too deep into the math and physics for the curriculum target.  That's the problem with being an Electrical Engineer by trade. 


      I've now subscribed to this forum so let's keep the discussion going. 


      • August 1, 2019
  • jarretes
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    I am unable to download the Windows 10 driver for a recently purchased UMC404HD. The download always fails. Same result with three different browsers. Documents download with no problem from this same page. I sent messages to "web site feedback" and also to "technical support" asking for help with this. The web site feedback message was completely ignored. The tech support message generated an e-mail citing a "case number," which was 00987105, and a promise to respond "within one business day." This promise turned out to be untrue, as I have received no further response. A PM through the Behringer Facebook page garnered an autogenerated bot response referring me to the support page, which was very frustrating since I had already tried that to no avail. Phone support appears to be non-existent. Is Behringer completely unwilling to provide customer support? Am I going to have to return this UMC404HD unit for lack of a driver? Any help would be welcomed. The downloads page in question is|en)

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  • Emadson
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  • Emadson
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  • AndyEdwards
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    About to set off to Upton Jazz Festival. looking forward to a day of sun and jazz two sets from our students and one set with my band Kundabuffa...

    Playing through Bugera Guitar Amps, TC Electronic Bass Amp and Turbo Sound PA. Sounding incredible.

    Will post the evidence shortly....

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  • FelixHomann
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    Since governments are generally believed to work rather slowly an adjustable input and output delay on the X Air and M Air series would be a great feature to enhance those mixers for governmental use cases.

    Is it possible to add this in a firmware update? 


    Kind regards, Felix (SCNR)

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    • FelixHomann

      I would think that if they allowed the delay to go that slow, we'd get all kinds of complaints here that the console had crashed...


      • March 5, 2019
    • FelixHomann
    • FelixHomann

      maybe even non governemental users are eagerly waiting for this logical addition.....

      i don't have to explain here how stupid it is that the output-delay option still isnt available.

      there is talk about this subject at least for months now, what 's the problem....?



      • June 17, 2019
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