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    greetings guys, i just acquired the flow 8 recently but am finding it difficult updating it. the SimplyPUT (MAC) Update-Tool is not installing on my mac. this is what its showing on my screen. please help

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    I recently bought the deepmind 12, the software doesn't work someone could help me?

    I attached a picture below 

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    How do i connect the Behringer p-16 interface with a Allen and Heath zed 24 channel analog mixer?  The only way I seem to be able to get it to work is by partially plugging the 1/4 plug into the input jack.  I have tried with tip ring sleeve and tip sleeve and have same results.  

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    • MeadowbrookBaptistChurch
      DavidKnighton Hello MeadowbrookBaptistChurch,
      I you're partially plugging the cable into the unit, then that usually means you're using the wrong type of cable or connection on the Zed mixer. It would help to know what outputs on the Zed mixer you're trying to use. I would expect you to be using the Aux outs or Main outs, but something tells me you're trying to use the INSERTS as an outputs. This would work in theory, however the INSERT pinout is a little different than a standard Balanced output, so you could probably expect some odd behavior. If this is the case, here's what I would recommend; using a BALANCED 1/4" cable (TRS), plug the MONO out of the Zed mixer into any input on the P16-I. Observe the results. Another thing you could try is using a dual 1/4" aux cable and test input into the P16-I with a phone or tablet.
      • Jun 15
    • MeadowbrookBaptistChurch
      RexBeckett If you want to use the channel Insert sockets as outputs, you can get ready-made adapter cables.


      If you are handy with a soldering iron (or know someone who is), the adapter cables are easy to make. The wiring is as shown below.
      • Jun 16
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    Quisiste decir: 
    Compre una helicon play acoustic pero no veo ningún botón de encendido y apagado, como debo prender y apagarlo?
    I bought a helicon play acoustic but I don't see any on / off button, how should I turn it on and off?
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    Can't get any output on headphone jack!

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    • TomFenner
      JoeRivers96 Hi, please submit a support ticket using the SUPPORT option at the top of this page - we will be able to run through some troubleshooting steps with you.
      • May 8
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    Is there a way to defeat the APO function so that the amp stays on all the time and does not require a threshold audio signal to turn it on?

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    • GlenMorrison
      Nigel67 Hi Glen. Can you tell me which model of E-Series that you have and serial number(s). Until I have those, I cannot give you a definitive answer as it may come down to what version of the amp you have. Many thanks
      • May 4
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    havin problems connecting Deepmind 6 thru my audio interface behringer umc 204 into my computer 

     Windows 10/64 recording in Studio one 5 Artist version. 
    I am using the two 1/4" out l/r from Deepmind into umc fron 1/4 inputs. Also using Midi out of Deepmind into umc input midi. 
    umc is connected thru usb into my computer.

    not sure if my problem is the configuration in Studio one but I can't record on the instrument track.


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    • Rocky195
      DavidKnighton Hello Rocky195,
      I would suggest connecting the UMC to your computer and just run audio from iTunes or YouTube out to a pair of speakers or headphones. This will determine if the unit is working properly. Also, with Windows, you need to make sure you have the driver installed. If it's a setup problem with your DAW, make sure the UMC is the preferred Input/Output interface. Your individual tracks need to be sourced from the UMC inputs and record armed before you hit the RECORD button. Hope this helps to uncover the issue.
      • Apr 29
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    Hi, team

    I have bought the UMC204HD and installed the last driver, v. 5, but when connect the audio interface to my PC, Windows not recognized the device.

    Can anyone help me?

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    • JOMAR07
      RexBeckett Hi JOMAR07, try a different USB cable and/or different USB port on your PC. Use a USB 2.0 port if possible as some USB 3.x ports can cause problems.

      Open Windows Control Panel -> Device Manager and see if the interface is shown with an error flag. If so, uninstall it, disconnect the USB cable, reboot the PC and then reconnect the USB cable.
      • Mar 12
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    Hey has anyone ever heard of a way to hook up MyDmx 3.0 to an Elgato stream Deck 

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    On my Midas M32, how do I configure settings to allow me to use the fader on a bus send as a master volume controller for that particular bus send? Example: Bus send 1 used as Choir monitors. I send multiple channels to this bus but want to be able to control overall volume up or down with the fader. 

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    • Servant53
      RexBeckett Hi Servant53, that is the normal behavour of Mixbuses. If you set the signal tap on Routing -> Out 1-16 as Post Fader, the Mixbus Master fader will control the output level.
      • Feb 2
    • Servant53
      Servant53 Thanks!
      • Feb 2
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