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    Dear Team,

    We are Hoang Bao Khoa, a distributor of Music Tribe in Vietnam. We are looking for spare parts of woofer which is diaphragm.

    We know that your end sells woofer as a spare part. How about the diaphragm of woofer only?

    As our customers send us their feedback about this. When their Turbosound speakers have problem with woofer, they need to change the whole woofer instead of its diaphragm part only. This makes the fee for repairing increase. Meantime, JBL brand offers the smaller components of woofer (as in the picture), which reducing the cost much.

    Kindly advise if your end provide diaphragm as a spare part? Or any better suggestion?




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    • Diem Tran
      Kyle Johnson Hello Diem, Kyle here with Music Tribe. For this inquiry please contact support directly. Click on Support at the top of the page, scroll down and submit a Spare Parts ticket.
      • Nov 11
  • 2020-09-28
    Mercedes Me Store Hong Kong - Audio powered by Music Tribe brand partners Lab Gruppen and Tannoy
    Mercedes-Benz created a brand new retail and dining concept in the heart of Hong Kong's Central district. Sound is delivered by Tannoy. Power is provided by brand partner Lab.gruppen
    Precision Control at Your Fingertips.
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  • 2020-08-24


    I'm a RF engineer with an audio problem.

    I have an old system that I'm trying to interface with that has a 0-60KHz baseband that I need to capture and play out in real-time. It looks like the Line In/Out on the UMC202HD will do the trick pretty handily at the 192KHz sample rate. The mux has a 135 Ohm interface. 

    Can any of you audiofiles tell me what the impedance is on the UMC202HD line in/out connections so that I can build the matching circuit?

    Also, can anyone confirm that the Line In/Out jacks will play and record up to 60 KHz of baseband simultaneously? I'm used to designing systems between 300 MHz and 20 GHz, so I'm a bit out of my element. 

    Thanks in advance!


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    • Joseph Freivald
      Rex Beckett Hi Joe, I'm not sure if the UMC202HD will do what you want. I have measured some of the characteristics of my UMC404HD (same preamps and output drivers as the UMC202HD) and confirmed that they agree with the published specs.

      The frequency response of the preamps is specified as 10Hz - 50kHz (+0, -3dB)
      I measured the Line input impedance as 42K @ 1kHz (balanced)
      The frequency response of the outputs is specified as 10Hz - 43kHz (-0, +0.3dB)
      I measured the XLR output impedance as 100 Ohms @ 1kHz (balanced).
      • Aug 24
  • 2020-07-24

    So many glitches and mistakes in the code for this website..perhaps get your web designers to do. a debug and take some of the team from Music tribe through a user experience from login...

    The hover buttons are not intuitive , they dont highlight to go forward..

    So many hurdles that are unnecessary that stop a user from moving on to the next page..I couldn't even access the actual product i bought. It isnt even on the dropdown list at the end of product registration..

    so I had to make one up to finish..Could at least ceate a form that the user can type in their product if the developers haven't updated the page for a long time. This site get's a B for BA for belowwwwww average. If this is the process for an artist to join the 'tribe'..stink one haha, I wonder how many artists were actually engaged to want to repeat this process again..You need to create a 'care ticket??' to register a product. Just use the language that already exists , it's ok, we understand it..A care ticket..I had to watch a video just to find out what a 'care ticket' was..Hope you can see the funny side in all of this cos I think it's pretty fricken funny, that a music tribe's online front of shop is actuually not creative at all..so weird


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    • kelly kahukiwa
      Alexander Lane Hi there, my apologies you are not having the best experience with the site. We are still in a process of development and are taking feedback on board for future improvements. A few of these issues you highlighted are already on the to do list and any others I will add to the list.

      Please do let me know the specific issues with the care ticket system, if a product was missing I would like to get this immediately addressed. Please feel free to mail me direct any time too, [email protected]
      • Jul 28
      • This Musictribe site is a contender for the worst internet site ever
        Pet Gerbil Or.... perhaps, This site is never getting any better and you're just stringing people along "Trust me,honest guv! sometime in the future we will sort it out. Remember kids, we're listening!!" That excuse must be at least 4 years old now, and has been perpetrated through two website "Revamps." Meanwhile, I'm here after spending 15minutes looking for a post I REPLIED TO!! this morning.!! I CAN'T FIND MY OWN DAMN POST !!! FFS!! As far as I can see, There has been no improvement to this site since it's inception. Just the usual "..bear with us, while we do sweet FA"
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        • Sep 11
  • 2020-06-18
    Hello and welcome to the Music Tribe Community, my name is Alexander Lane. I am the Corporate, Education and Government Specialist working in the Customer Solutions team and based in the UK. Happy to help out with any CEG related questions, projects or anything else I can assist with.
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    • Alexander Lane
      Anthony Cora So I have a Tc electronic vortex mini pedal and tried to download a toneprint from the toneprint app, but for some reason it's not loading the tone print correctly. So my question is how do I reset the pedal back to its original factory settings?
      • Jul 13
      • Customer Solutions Introduction
        Alexander Lane Hi mate, could you post this in the Guitar section of the products section please? Or contact our support team using the support button at the top of the page. Thanks!
        • Jul 13
  • 2020-06-12
    Welcome to our new Music Tribe community 2.0, I’m Paul O’Farrell-Stevens, leader of the Music Tribe Customer Branding team. 

My highly-skilled team of Customer Branding Specialists are really looking forward too engaging, co-collaborating and co-developing new and exciting product content. We will be seeking new talent, fans and beta testers that want to join us to co-create inspiring content. We Empower, You Create
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  • 2020-03-10


    During rehearsals today for the students music show week we lost a whole bank of channels 1-8 on our midas m32 desk. Just wondering if this is something that's happened to anyone else before and if so what kind of repair was needed?  Would be really grateful for any advice. 

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    • Ceri
      Rex Beckett

      Hello @Ceri , welcome to the community.


      It sounds like there is a hardware problem on your M32. I suggest that you raise a Care ticket for Service Repair explaining your problem. This is done by clicking on Support at the top of the page and then clicking the Create a Care Ticket button. This is only possible if you have completed all the required fields in your profile. Also make sure that you fill-in every required field on the Care form.

      • Mar 10
  • 2020-02-25
    Have spent two days trying to register my turbosound equipment...nightmare...I'm disgusted how difficult and rediculus it is. Not impressed....may take my business else where. Contact number 804 723-4791.... Need a person to help.
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    • George Bond
      Gary Higgins

      @Jammingeorge You will have a better chance of playing pick up sticks with your butt cheeks than getting that call Meaning if someone calls from Turbosound it would be pretty special. I hope they do for your sake!! It's too bad this has to be that hard. I was there myself a few weeks back. We are all sympathetic to this issue BUT this is a USER forum... sometimes employees check in but that is the exception not the rule...


      Try this, while logged in, select your user icon top right corner, then select "my profile" from the drop down. When in your profile, hit "support" up at the top. You should see the Care Portal open and a list of open (or resolved) tickets listed. If you are lucky you might see your registration as resolved. If you click on the case # you get more details. Don't expect the confirmation email, I don't think mine is ever coming (been about 3 weeks now) BUT it IS registered....hope you get some resolution!

      • Feb 25
    • George Bond
      Rex Beckett

      @Jammingeorge wrote:

      Have spent two days trying to register my turbosound equipment...nightmare...I'm disgusted how difficult and rediculus it is. Not impressed....may take my business else where. Contact number 804 723-4791.... Need a person to help.


      I'll send you a PM with a suggestion that may help.

      • Feb 25
  • 2020-02-22

    We have three Crestron systems that have a Behringer XAIR XR18 Mixer. As of right now, there is no way we can control these mixers using Crestron SIMPL Windows. We are using a dedicated application to control audio in these spaces (XAir). Do you know if there is a Crestron module or some way other way (TCP/IP, etc) we can control this mixer(preferably using SIMPL)?

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    • Joshua Gonzalez
      Paul Vannatto

      Hi Josh @NYCCT_Josh 

      Welcome to the forum. This question has come up occasionally over the years. Unfortunatley the X-Air and X32 digital consoles do not communicate via TCP/IP. Instead it uses UDP via ethernet and uses the OSC protocol for its control commands. 


      • Feb 22
  • 2020-02-12

    Hello, Please let me know if the Tannoy CVS 6 6-Inch Coaxail in ceiling Loudspeaker is comparable to the Tannoy 8001 4240.  I need to replace 4 Tannoy 8001 4240s.

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