• 2020-02-25
    Have spent two days trying to register my turbosound equipment...nightmare...I'm disgusted how difficult and rediculus it is. Not impressed....may take my business else where. Contact number 804 723-4791.... Need a person to help.
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    • George Bond
      Gary Higgins

      @Jammingeorge You will have a better chance of playing pick up sticks with your butt cheeks than getting that call Meaning if someone calls from Turbosound it would be pretty special. I hope they do for your sake!! It's too bad this has to be that hard. I was there myself a few weeks back. We are all sympathetic to this issue BUT this is a USER forum... sometimes employees check in but that is the exception not the rule...


      Try this, while logged in, select your user icon top right corner, then select "my profile" from the drop down. When in your profile, hit "support" up at the top. You should see the Care Portal open and a list of open (or resolved) tickets listed. If you are lucky you might see your registration as resolved. If you click on the case # you get more details. Don't expect the confirmation email, I don't think mine is ever coming (been about 3 weeks now) BUT it IS registered....hope you get some resolution!

      • Feb 25
    • George Bond
      Rex Beckett

      @Jammingeorge wrote:

      Have spent two days trying to register my turbosound equipment...nightmare...I'm disgusted how difficult and rediculus it is. Not impressed....may take my business else where. Contact number 804 723-4791.... Need a person to help.


      I'll send you a PM with a suggestion that may help.

      • Feb 25
  • 2020-02-12

    Hello, Please let me know if the Tannoy CVS 6 6-Inch Coaxail in ceiling Loudspeaker is comparable to the Tannoy 8001 4240.  I need to replace 4 Tannoy 8001 4240s.

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  • 2020-01-19


    This is Özgür from cabroX Stage Technologies. We are producing new generation stage boxes that collect and securely stores the cables. We are planning a new product include dibox that collect line(jack) cable. We want to use Klark Teknik's dibox in this product and we want to cooperate with Klark Teknik. Who is the right person to discuss cooperation?

    Please check our products: www.cabrox.com

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  • 2020-01-10


    since I have a non-technical request I'm trying to contact [email protected] as prescribed in the imprint on https://community.musictribe.com/privacy-policy

    However, something seems wrong with Music Tribe's (presumably) Office365 DNS configuration, as all mail (I tried from different source servers) is rejected with

    host musictribe-com.mail.protection.outlook.com []   SMTP error from remote mail server after RCPT TO:<[email protected]>:   550 5.4.1 Recipient address rejected: Access denied. AS(201806281) [PU1APC01FT060.eop-APC01.prod.protection.outlook.com]

    Is this being looked into?

    Has anyone else tried mailing them lately and had success?

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  • Hi. My name is Josh and I am a graphic designer and music producer. I am writing to tell you a little story:

    First of all, among other things I dedicate myself to making music for other artists, mainly from the Techno genre, in several underground variants. I love the Acid sound for a long time and many of my productions are characterized by having bass and Acid melodies. When I saw over time that Behringer was engaged in the launch of clones of classical study pieces, I had a feeling that sooner or later a clone of the famous TB-303 would be sold. I endured my desire to acquire more clones of 303 until the launch of Mr. Uli's clone. Finally, in November 2019 the new TD-3 was announced and everything was joy. That same first week of November, with the excitement of seeing the face of the new clone and seeing the aesthetics that I had acquired and not very happy with the colors they put on, I decided to make my version of how I would like the new TD-3 to be . Then I got down to work and created the Black version, as I like all the synthesizers and the Yellow version. The latter, to give a touch of exclusivity (within my imagination and taking into account that I love marketing) I thought that if a Special Edition were created, that would have greater impact and greater increase in sales. After this, I published my creations of the colors that I thought would be good in various forums of electronic music and social networks. Simple up to here. Well, the knot of history you already know. When the first day of this new year I discover that the gentlemen of Behringer put on sale the new colors of TD-3, which coincidentally are black and yellow, and that for more, the yellow version they call it Limited Edition. Well, I think you don't have to have a career in college to understand what has happened here. It is obvious that Behringer was lucid with my idea of these new colors, which were on the lips of all synthesizer lovers because I published the images in the forums with greater impact on the music scene. and it is not due to "you ask and we listen". I created the germ that went viral and people just asked for the colors they saw and others told them. The next thing is to tell my discomfort for all this. I am nobody, but if a music lover and a Behringer client for a long time ago and seeing this action hurts, since we all know the value of intellectual property, of the imagination, of the idea that has been stolen and used without your consent, or without your mention anywhere. We know the ethically correct, that when someone uses a photo. Image, text, yours, a mention of the artist is minimally requested. And it is more than clear that in this case Behringer has not hesitated to use my idea for his personal benefit and has had no qualms about mentioning or asking about the use of my intellectual property.
    Behringer has mentioned the person who created the song for his videos. I think that in this world not everything goes to win. I agree that they are multinationals with a lot of power behind their backs, but a simple gesture of cordiality would be enough, and even such a gesture and public mention would give more value to the brand and its own customers would be reflected in it, which would generate a feedback of positive actions of ideas / creations, and all this always positive for Behringer. I think it is necessary that they reflect and take some action on this subject.

    Sincerely, Josh.

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    • José Ramón Rodríguez
      Paul Vannatto

      Hi @JR1984 

      Welcome to the forum. Your story would be a lot more readable if you would break up you paragraphs. I started reading the second paragraph and gave up.


      • Jan 4
    • José Ramón Rodríguez
      Patrick Liska

      Hy and what time or where can we pre-order it.. The special edition?   Thanks a lot..

      Best regards herrfuchs

      • Jan 8
    • José Ramón Rodríguez
      martino modo

      Hi there!


      Im not agree cause  long time  ago  people  have customize their tb 303 in yellow to look like abl bassline2,or devil fish alu case!

      • Apr 10
  • 2020-01-03


    Cañ you tell me if my Bugera Amp is fixed?

    My ticket # is;


    I have no idea what is status, support shows resolved. Can you tell me if my Amp is being shipped back to me ?

    Thank you.

    Kevin Richardson

    [email protected]



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  • 2019-12-14


    Recurring issue with behringer.comRecurring issue with behringer.com

    This is what has been repeatedly appearing at behringer.com over the past couple of days, indicating some likely problems with the content distribution network service being used by Behringer and/or MusicTribe. I am accessing the website from the northeastern United States.

    Thanks for your attention.


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    • Dave Duncan
      Virn Abuda

      Hi @DaveDuncan ,

      Thank you for sending this in. The team responsible for our websites has already been notified about this and is currently working for a solution. 



      • December 14, 2019
    • Dave Duncan
      Ken Mitchell

      Hi @Virn , 


      Not sure if this will help but this has been happening every day last week between 1-3PM PST. I just assumed it was some kind of server or network maintenance window. 



      • December 15, 2019
  • 2019-12-10

    Hi all!

    Does anyone know if you can control a Klark Teknik DM8000 with Crestron through the ethernet port in the DM80 card?

    I don't want to use the RS232 and I don't want to buy an extra DM801. Surely it must be possible, otherwise they've missed a trick here.

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    • Drew Black
      Eric Madson

      It requires the use of the DM801 to do the Ethernet to RS232 translation. It can only be controlled via RS232 without the DM801.

      • December 10, 2019
    • Drew Black
      Ken Mitchell

      Hi Drew ( @drebla ), 


      Welcome to the community.  Found this on the Crestron subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/crestron/comments/aoluwk/controlling_klark_teknik_dm8000_dsp/


      It looks like they have a control protocol called DTP (DM8000 Text Protocol) but it's only supported on the RS232 port.  It's strange in that it looks like the DM801 is just an RS232 to Ethernet "translator' that takes the RS232 text protocol and converts it to either TCP, or more likely UDP protocol.   I suspect that someone with a bit a debug skills could use Wire Shark to RE the Ethernet side and figure it out. 


      Why are you against using the DM801? 



      • December 10, 2019
  • 2019-11-22

    I had made a post in the “Recording” forum with a few questions that received no response. Ultimately, I got my answers by contacting Behringer support.

    So, I wanted to post the answers provided to me by replying to my own, original post, in order to help anyone else who may run into the same issues in the future.

    When I attempted to do this:

    - The forum software first warned me there were HTML tags in my reply which were automatically removed (although there were none in the original I could see), then displayed the edited version and asked if I still wanted to post it. I replied to the affirmative.

    - I checked the thread, and my new reply was there.

    - I went back to re-read it a few minutes later because I thought I had made a typo, but the entire reply had completely disappeared.

    I've gone through this twice now, with the exact same results. Is the inability to reply to one's own posts a known bug here?

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    • Craig Guerrieri
      Ken Mitchell

      Hi @CraigG58 , 


      Welcome to the community.  I've seen a few "glitches" in the past and that is one of them.  Instead of replying to your own post, can you try clicking on the three vertical dots in the upper-right, selecting Edit Reply, and adding it to your original post.  


      BTW, Thank you for taking the time to post the information you got from support.  That should be helpful to others and reduce the number of support tickets. 



      • November 22, 2019
    • Craig Guerrieri
      Craig Guerrieri

      Thanks Ken... The command in the "3 dot" pull-down is actually "Edit Message" (no biggie, I got your drift). I used that, and it worked just fine.


      Definitely a few things buggier than a picnic around here, but thanks for the tip!

      • November 22, 2019
    • Craig Guerrieri
      Ken Mitchell

      Hi @CraigG58 , 


      Yes, very buggie.  When I click that pulldown it is definitely "Edit Reply".  Glad it worked for you at least. 


      Thanks for posting the update in your UMC1820 post. Great info. 



      • November 22, 2019
  • 2019-11-12

    Using X32 Producer for property wide sound but we have noisy and dead hours.  I have three scenes saved for normal, raised and low volume and would like to use the assign screen to change by push button.  However, the assign buttons revert to their previous, I assume factory default, settings after one successful use of one of the three assigned buttons.  Ive cleared all eight push buttons on A, B, and C assigns to no avail and my firmware is 3.09 so it's up to date.  I'd use the scenes since they work but non-tech people have to operate the mixer and push buttons with a confirming right arrow is preferable.

    Any idea what I'm missing?

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    •  Edward Brownlee
      Rex Beckett


      Hi Edward, welcome to the forum.


      It sounds as though your three target scenes were saved without the assigns being set first. So when the scenes are recalled, they overwrite the assign settings. Try recalling each scene, setting the assigns and then saving them.


      An alternative would be to recall snippets rather than scenes. Set each snippet to only adjust the required levels. If the snippets only control the levels, they will not change the assign settings.

      • November 11, 2019
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