• 2020-02-10

    Who do I email in order to submit a Country of Origin request, to obtain a statement identifying the COO for Behringer products? This is required for Supply Chain Risk Management assessment. I've submitted tickets, but they all seem to disappear into a black hole that I cannot access, and I've recieved no response on them.

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    • Joseph Tatroe
      Alexander Lane

      Hi @jtatroe ,


      Firstly, apologies for late reply on this, the support portal is the correct way to request this.


      In future, please contact me with your case number and I will chase it up for you.

      • Apr 20
  • 2019-07-12
  • 2019-03-05


    Since governments are generally believed to work rather slowly an adjustable input and output delay on the X Air and M Air series would be a great feature to enhance those mixers for governmental use cases.

    Is it possible to add this in a firmware update? 


    Kind regards, Felix (SCNR)

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    •  Felix Homann
      Paul Vannatto

      I would think that if they allowed the delay to go that slow, we'd get all kinds of complaints here that the console had crashed...


      • March 5, 2019
    •  Felix Homann
    •  Felix Homann
      roy ookzoo

      maybe even non governemental users are eagerly waiting for this logical addition.....

      i don't have to explain here how stupid it is that the output-delay option still isnt available.

      there is talk about this subject at least for months now, what 's the problem....?



      • June 17, 2019