• 2019-08-28

    Carl Blomqvist and Zacharias Hultman have worked on a Room Correction project at Lab Gruppen during summer 2019. The topic was "Acoustics analysis and room equalization: development of software tools for measurement, correction, and analysis of room acoustics". They developed a program for measuring room’s response and some analytical tools for evaluating the acoustic quality of a room.

    Every room has a unique acoustics signature and a variety of distortions. Room acoustics’ software, like room correction, can be used to reduce these distortions and improve audio clarity. By altering the output of speakers to perform differently depending on the room, listening to the sound in that specific room can be a more pleasant experience.


    The gray curves show measurements from multiple different points in a room and the red curve shows their average.The gray curves show measurements from multiple different points in a room and the red curve shows their average.

    They wrote their own program in Python for data collection, calibrated their instruments, performed room measurements, developed analytical tools and collected data for future analysis. They proved their initial hypothesis by creating a simple filter based on the data they analyzed, resulting in a definite improvement in the perceived sound quality in the room.

    Room Correction with the use of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) is a very complex field. Carl is a computer science student and Zacharias is studying electrical engineering so they completed each other’s work. Their supervisors Amir Eghbali and Gustav Santesson, helped and guided them throughout the project.





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    • Patrycja Ekner
      Ken Mitchell

      Nicely done.   Hats off to Lab Gruppen for hiring interns and supporting their Summer project.  


      Will the project report be made available to the public?  Could the code be made available open source? 



      • August 28, 2019
  • 2019-08-04
    I work for a tavern that has a sizeable sound system. And there is an X32 mixer in it with some faders that are going bad. I have been patiently trying to make contact through the website support spaces for "Spare Parts" "Service" and "General" categories. For crying out loud. Why can't I simply call a phone number to buy some parts? Why is is so hard to make contact with anyone? Very frustrating. I love the products I also own a Midas Pro 1 personally. And I have already seen numerous complaints on the forums about the hardships of trying to contact anyone. As I said.......I love the products! But you gotta get a lot better at being accessjble. If I don't get any suitable responses on this query by Monday morning, I will try the Las Vegas phone number. If that fails, then I will start bothering the Music-Tribe folks that I DO know. I would hate to have a serious service problem.
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  • 2019-07-12