• 2020-04-11

    Hello everybody 

    i want to use the x32 as a 5.1 sound card
    - the mixer is connected to the laptop with usb cable
    - i instaled the X USB DRIVER

    - i have a problems in the laptop's configuration to select each channel ( L / R / C / SL / SR )

    any help please

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    • FIRAS
      Rex Beckett

      Hello @FIRAS , welcome to the community.


      You will need to use a media player that supports the ASIO sound interface. This would allow you to select the USB channel for each of the six sound sources.

      • Apr 11
    • FIRAS

      How can I  do that ?? 

      I don't know how I do a 5.1 setup on my laptop

      • Apr 11
  • 2020-03-16


    I am fairly new to this idea so if there is anyone that can help then great.

    I am getting a x32 setup, with the DCX2496, 2 front of house, 2 rear (1 amp) and 2 subs (1 amp). I also have coming a projector with a audio de-embedder that i was going to connect to the AUX of the X32, and somehow have surround sound come out of the speakers. 

    Can someone point me in the right direction of a setup.

    I am going to assume; 

    • SPDIF from audio de embedder, into the AUX 5 or 6 of the X32
    • split into front / rear / mono sub channels (is this possible?!)
    • go into DCX2496 and out to the speakers (Do I need 2 of these to split into front and rear, so use more outputs on the X32 into the DCX?)

    I hope this makes sense, and thanks in advance

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    • Andy Hancock
      Rex Beckett


      Hello Andy, welcome to the community.


      There is an example configuration for a 5.1 sound system in the DCX2496 User Manual (section 6.12). I think you will need two DCX2496 units.


      If your de-embedded sound source is digital encoded surround (e.g. AC3), you will need a surround decoder to convert this to multiple analogue channel outputs. All the inputs on an X32 (XLR and Aux) are analogue so will not work with any SPDIF signal without appropriate converters. You would also need an external converter if the sound feed is ProLogic encoded (LCRS) as the X32 does not have a decoder for this.



      • Mar 16
    • Andy Hancock
      Andy Hancock

      Thank you for your help, I have been racking my brains for this for days now, trying to get a simple enough setup for people to use. Can I put an idea to the tribe....

      I want to run the HDMI sources through a 5.1/7.1 denon preamp which has xlr and phono outputs.can I;

      • take the outputs I want into the X32 inputs

      • Use the internal preset of the DCX2496 to create a surround sound for front and rear left and right speakers (into amplifiers and passive speakers)

      • use a sub channel on the X32 to go straight to the active subs

      • centre channel to go to active floor monitors - this should makup the 5.1 surround setup that has been decoded from the denon preamp.

      this way (in my head), i can use the DCX setup for normal live music and theatre, as the monitor can be changed to do its job in those settings, so therefore there would be minimal change. Infact using sound sources for theatre maybe good to have in surround for a more immersive experience.

      Does anyone think this would work, or have I just made something completely up! 

      • Mar 17
  • 2020-02-21

    I am new in the anime world, My friend suggested me to watch Naruto! But i don’t know, from where to start.

    Can anyone tell me naruto movies in chronological order to watch?

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    • Barbara Anderson
      rodney Jaffe

      Here is the list of all 10 Naruto movies in order to watch. Refer to this article. Cheers!

      • Feb 22
    • Barbara Anderson
      leopold leopold

      Bro, you watchcartoons of Naruto isn't what your friend would have meant. Its much better to watch the anime series, you may feel that it is too large in size but it would be better that you start the series. Naruto movies are just filler arcs they are not the real deal.

      • Mar 11
  • 2020-02-13

    I want to set up a cinema system using an audio decoder to feed 5.1 audio to the XR16 and then feed active speakers from the Main LR and the 4 Aux outputs. 

    I can see how to set up buses to create monitor mixes for each 5.1  channel and how to assign the buses in the Aux tab of the Input Dialog window. However I can't see why the bus signal won't go to the respective aux output instead of the LR mix, which I want to use for FL and FR. Has anyone got any ideas for me?What have I missed?

    I'm controlling from a PC.

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    • Jeremy Hewitt
      Ken Mitchell

      Hi @hugh1e , 


      Welcome to the community.  Not sure why you need buses to do this. On the In/Out routing screen, AUX Out, you can just assign your surround channels directly to the AUX outputs. I must be missing something obvious.  The best thing might be for you to save a scene file and post it here.  Use Choose File in the lower-left when replying. 



      • Feb 13
    • Jeremy Hewitt
      Jeremy Hewitt

      Ah.  Thank you, Ken.  Simplicity itself.  I'll try it tomorrow and expect all will be fine.

      Should have remembered my KISS.  (Keep It Simple, Stupid)


      • Feb 13
  • 2019-03-14

    We got to the cinema by bus when the original Matrix movie was screened. As most everybody on the bus was going to watch Matrix we called that bus the "Matrix bus". Now I know that the X32 series mixers have matrix busses, too, and they are great, quite versatile and indispensible for a lot of things.
    I think the X Air /M Air mixers would profit from matrix busses just as well. It would be great to get them with the new firmware update that has been advertised for the MR18 for some years now...


    I'm not quite sure if this is the right place to ask such a question. But given the new "structure" of the "New community" this place doesn't seem to be less fitting than any other section. With its "strong" tie to the Matrix, virtual and alternative realities it actually feels quite adequate to post this here...

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    • FelixHomann
      Dave Morrison

      @FelixHomann  It looks like you have posted in the wilderness of this new-fangled forums. You are the only settler in cinema land. Stake your claim—It's all yours

      Recording and Performance are the most popular tribes for mixers.

      • April 23, 2019
    • FelixHomann

      @DaveMorrison wrote:

      @FelixHomann  Stake your claim—It's all yours

      It has been all mine until *you* came in  


      @DaveMorrison wrote:

      Recording and Performance are the most popular tribes for mixers.

      Yes, sure, but they're not mine while I successfully claimed Cinema , Hotels and have even taken over government  

      To be serious, with my posts I just wanted to emphasize the absurdity of all the unused and useless "tribes" that make this new  "Com+#@~ty" so very cluttered that IMHO it is completely unusable and broken beyond repair.

      • April 23, 2019