• 2019-08-04
    I am the audio engineer in a tavern that has live entertainment 4 days a week. The system is fairly substantial and controlled by an X32. Sometimes I bring in My personal Midas Pro1 mixer. The X32 developed a couple bad faders and is about 5 yrs old. So there is no warranty issue here. I just need to buy a couple faders to replace the current problem ones and have another one or two onhand for future service. I would also like to buy faders for the Pro1 and possible a spare power supply too. But I gotta tell ya. I have been trying to go through the website support connections and am finding them very over burdened with useless minutia details. Is there a phone number that I can call? One with a human, and not just a voicemail box. The buying process should not be this difficult. Help! Please. I am very pleased withthe products. I love the mixers. I have had 3 X32's since they were first released and never had a single problem with anything. I also own quite a bit of Turbosound gear that I love because it sounds just as good as my super expensive RCF gear. Any help is welcomed and appreciated. And I love talking about my gear and anybody elses gear too. I have been mixing since the early '70's so I got a lot of stories and experiences. So I really hope that there is a simpler way to communicate to the Tribe and make the parts ordering simpler. Thanks
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    • Jeffrey Bridges
      Gary Higgins

      If you get lucky, an employee will jump in here and interject a contact for you. Other than that following the email help guidelines is it, no phone line that I am aware of.

      • August 3, 2019