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    Nobody likes it when their assets start to look old and out of date. However, a car's exterior generally loses value over time because the paint may start to look dull. In addition to this, it affects a car's resale value.

    On the other hand, a fresh coat of paint might be an option. However, this solution does give your car a new-car-like feel, but the factory paint is always something to be admired. You might be happy with the appearance of your car, but you'll probably be impressed and pleased by a shiny one.

    But there is a query. Is it possible to maintain your car's exterior paint for a long time? Not only are scratches the primary enemy of your car, but bird droppings and even aggressive car washing also contribute enormously.

    However, there are some ways to maintain your car's paint while keeping it shiny and bright.

    Do Not Wait Too Long To Wash Your Car

    A car wash is as necessary as routine car maintenance, but it should be done more frequently. You should not opt too much for a car wash and be prepared for a thorough cleaning if there is a need. It is recommended to use the shampoo while washing your car, as home-based detergents do not suit the paint due to their acidic nature.

    As a car travels through harsh environments and weather, your car deserves a thorough cleaning. However, if you really want a high level of satisfaction, approach Service My Car and talk to a professional for a car wash.

    Never Try To Escape From Drying

    However, it is myth that your car always dries naturally after some time of wash. But, this is a big mistake as water drops retains on the exterior and contributes in the deterioration of the paint.

    It is recommended that you should never escape the drying. However, if there is lack of time, you can opt for professional cleaning service at any of workshop of Service My Car.

    Never Forget To Wax Your Car

    Waxing works just like nutrients to the exteriors. It safeguards the paint of the car from scratches, dust, and even Ultra Violate rays. The wax application offers the complementary benefits in terms of increased fuel efficiency.

    However, it might be quite marginal because the engine may need some less power to drive the vehicle while limiting the dragging.

    As per records, the wax application preserves the paint for at least six months. However, a wax application should be done as per the process. If it is not applied properly, you should not expect the results.

    Protection with Coating

    Coating makes a great alternative to protect your car’s paint. However, Coating is an expensive method of protecting the paint, but it is quite effective. The first option of PPF (Paint Protection Film) has the capacity to take the beating while providing significantly better defence against foreign objects and road debris.

    Although PPF is more effective than Ceramic Coating at protecting against foreign objects, it typically lasts longer and gives the car a very glossy appearance. However, it is your choice to select a professional that can satisfy you with the service.

    Protective yet Stylish Vinyl Wraps

    They not only offer new appearance for your car in a variety of shades and finishes for a fraction of the price of a paint job, but they also safeguard the car's original paint. Vinyl wraps protect the original paint and prevent it from fading. Vinyl wraps are also sufficiently thick to withstand minor dings and injuries to the vehicle. One is equally simple to remove, and the glue residue has no negative effects on the vehicle. Therefore, even years later, the car's paint will still look brand new.

    You can opt for the car tinting and car battery repalcement at a reliable service centre if wrapping does appears to be a great option.

    Avoid Having Too Much Polishing

    Polishing of a car involves the abrasive chemicals that clear the upper coat of your vehicle. It is entirely different from waxing as wax does not remove any coating.

    Therefore, it is not good to opt for frequent polishing as it is a great solution to bring a shine on your vehicle for a short time while it may affect the exterior of your vehicle in long run. Therefore, it is better not to opt for polishing instead prefers the car wax.

    These are few handy tips to preserve the paint of your car. However, you get a number of inclusive services by opting for car detailing service. It includes the thorough cleaning of exterior with a complement of wax and mere paint fix. It is recommended opting for the detailing once in six months.

    However, the final decision regarding how to preserve the paint on your car is yours. The rest of the advice can be used at your convenience and according to your preferences, with the exception of washing and using a car cover.

    Service My Car brings exclusive services and solutions for all your car needs. You can easily book a car service package or request a car repair quote today on the Service My Car app or website.

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    Bought this for my phono, hums really bad. Tried three different turntables and same result. Need a quick answer or will just send back. Judging from what I'm reading. Customer service seems really slow.

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    je recherche un module power-amp de remplacement sur mon enceinte Behringer B615D Amplifier, car j'en trouve pas.

    Avez vous une solution pour que je puisse trouver la pièce 

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    My Behringer NX6000D Amplifier is locked up and I can't remember the password to unlock it for the audio to come out, what should I do to unlock it? Thanks. 

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    • Davidok
      KyleJohnson Hello, Kyle here with Music Tribe. You should be able to unlock it using the PC editor software. Download the software from here:

      Connect via USB and you should be able to set a new passcode from the setup screen.
      • Jul 5
    • Davidok

      I didn't see the software for the NX6000D to download for me to change the password. Can you still help me out?. Also help me add the solution of not having audio from the speaker out of the device. Thanks.

      • Jul 6
      • My Behringer NX6000D Amplifier is locked and I can't remember the password, what can I do to unlock it for the audio to come out?
        KyleJohnson Hello, the download should be on the product page under Software. It may be best if you submit a Tech Support case through the Support link at the top of the page.
        • Jul 6
    • Davidok
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      • Sep 6
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    hi. i need the electric diagram of the main transformer of the power supply of MX3282 mixer. thanks for help...

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    • omar59
      Nigel67 Hi omar59. I am sorry, but we are not permitted to distribute schematics, unless you are an authorised service centre or a super partner.
      • Jun 12
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    Hey, the company where I just started has a policy of not updating the firmware on the x32 Behringer Soundboard, thus I'm looking for the x32 Edit Version 2.0 Software, which I believe is compatible with the 2.04 Firmware.

    The issue is that I can't seem to locate it anywhere. Not on their official downloads page or through a Google search. Does anyone know where I might be able to obtain it? Thank you very much.

    call bomber

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    Good Day, guys! I'm just asking how to order parts from Behringer?

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    I've just bought a Behringer PMP 580S powered mixer, mainly for karaoke.  (I would mention that I am not music/tech savy!)

    However, I've cannot get any sound out of my speakers, either from music through my computer or the micrphones.  

    My speakers are not powered, just passive (they are Skytec 170.245 300 watts each)

    Also, I've linked my compter to the Behringer with a 3.5 audio cable.

    Once everyone has stopped laughing at me, please can someone advise me, have I bought the wrong piece of kit, do I need powered speakers, or should I jsu go back to my little Power Dynamics unit and be happy?

    Thank you for reading this,


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      RobbyWingfield Hi Roger, this is Robby with Music Tribe. You should connect your computer to the mixer channels 7/8. Make sure your white level knob on the channel is turned up. Your master level is turned up. And make sure you do not have the standby button depressed. If you are still having trouble, please submit a support case above with a video showing all your connections and we will help get you sorted out.
      • May 5

      • May 9
      BAMFORD Hi, many thanks for the reply but still no luck. I also had it tested at friend’s house who has all the tech but no luck there either so I’ve returned it. It must be broken. Thanks again, Roger
      • May 9
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    Dzień dobry, kupiłem u was 20.04.2022 plug in Teletronic MD4 NATIVE, nie otrzymałem faktury zakupu, bardzo proszę o przysłanie mi faktury zakupu na maila. Załączam wiadomość którą otrzymałem po zakupie ale faktury tam nie było.Bardzo proszę o pomoc, potrzebuję ten rachunek.

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    • grzegorzziola65
      RobbyWingfield Hi grzegorzziola65, Robby with Music Tribe here, please submit a support ticket at the link above and I will get an invoice generated for you. Please include your business name, address, and VAT that you would like reflected on this invoice.
      • Apr 27
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    Can someone help me figure out how to connect my turntable to my Behringer XR18 amplifier/Mixer?

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    • TravisQ7
      RobbyWingfield Hi TravisQ7, this is Robby with Music Tribe, you would connect your turntable like any other audio device. The key difference is that most turntable outputs will be fairly quiet so you will have to apply more input gain to the channel s on your XR18 than you would for other sources.
      • Apr 19
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