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    hello, the electronics of my Tannoy precision 8D is totaly broken an i want to install a passive crossover. Could someone educate me on the value of the compoments to build this filter ?

    Thank you in advance


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    Hi I want to connect an old analog record deck to my bluetooth speakers (i know that this is an offensive idea to purists). The record deck has a DIN output and I guess I will need to get a bluetooth transmitter capable of pairing with the speakers. But what is the best sort of amp/prepamp that IO should get to sit in-between.

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    • Hugobr
      Nigel67 Hi Hugobr. This all depends on your bluetooth device, whether it has analogue or digital inputs or may even have a pre-amp built into it. Cost is also another factor, how much do you want to spend. Behringer makes a pre-amp but you will have to make an adapter cable from you DIN plug to phono. I think that you will find it very unlikely to find a pre-amp or bluetooth device that has a DIN plug on it. The Behringer pre-amp is the PP400
      • April 4, 2021
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    I loaded XAir to my new MacBook Air M1, apple will not open it. "M18-edit can't be opened because apple cannot check it for malicious software." So I sent a message to contacts in music tribe, and they sent me an FAQ for catalina having this issue. This is not working for me with Big Sur? Any thoughts or ideas? I know many things with this new M1 silicone processor do not work like it did with the intel processor. I am also new to Apple, so as detailed as you could be please. Apple is like learning a new language right now for me. 

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    • Alpha1916
      john0121 Hi Ryan, think it was me who sent you the article referring to Catalina but the same should apply. If you go into the security settings in system preferences you should be able to allow the program to open. If not could you reply to my email with a screen shot of the security page from system preferences so I can see the settings you have. Thanks
      • January 6, 2021
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    Hope all y'all are safe and healthy


    From an auiophile in New York City

    in 1967 bought two(2) used - and wonderful

    Tannoy Speakers

    about 35"H x 14"D x 24"W


    I hope someone could please help - thank you

    How do I find:

    * The Model #

    * Model Name

    * Serial #

    * Year Manufactured 

    * How many were manufactured

    * Performance Specifications

    Is there anything which needs to be done

         after ten(10)-years of storage

         to ensure everything is perfect ?


    Thanks very much

    Ed Staley


    Please email me:

    [email protected]


    678.444.9896<-Direct Cell

    Thanking everyone for your most kind helping hand





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    Hi can someone help me. I've purchased a behringer umc22 and a tonor tw820 wireless mic system to do karaoke using YouTube karaoke songs. I've set both devices as per instructions but I'm not getting any sound from the mic. My Mac recognises the umc22 and lights flash when I speak into the mic but I can't hear my voice. Am I doing something wrong. Any help is much appreciated 


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    • mickange
      Nigel67 Hi Michael, If you press the Direct Monitor button, can you hear the microphone through your headphones? We need to confirm that your MAC can definitely see the UMC22. Can you do the following;
      To check that your MAC is seeing your device connected to it via a USB connector, the following procedure will help.

      Plug your unit in to the MAC, and power both on
      Press the CMD + Spacebar at the same time to open a search bar.
      In the search bar, type 'system information' and select this option when it appears in the search.
      A new page will open and in the column down left hand side select 'USB'
      The right hand side of the page will now show all the USB connections the MAC has.
      If the MAC can see the unit that you have connected, it will be listed in the right hand side of the page under one of the USB connections.
      If your unit is listed, then the problem will more than likely be an incorrect setting in the software you are connecting to.
      If the unit is not listed, then check all connections, power and cables and if possible try another computer.

      Are you using the original USB cable. What DAW are you using? Can you confirm that for recording and playback, you have the UMC22 selected? What OS is the MAC running. Do you have another computer that you can try?
      • December 13, 2020
      • Umc22 Mac set up
        mickange Hi Nigel thank you for your response. I have since opened GarageBand on my Mac and can get sound through that. I had no idea I needed software to hear the mic. I assumed I could open YouTube on safari and just sing to the songs. GarageBand is difficult to understand for a novice like me. Can you suggest an easier way to get my mic to run with YouTube. Thanks for your time Nigel.
        • December 14, 2020
      • Umc22 Mac set up
        Nigel67 Hi Michael. I am sorry, but I have never made a You Tube video so am not really in a position to be able to give you any advice. There are plenty of videos on You Tube showing you what software you would need. You could try Audacity, which is probably easier than Garageband and it is also a free software.
        • December 15, 2020
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    Hi all. I am new here and am in no way a musician. I am rather a music and movie enthusiast. I purchased a Behringer FBQ1000 at the begining of 2020. I have hust unpacked it this week and was thinking of using it as a parametric equaliser to equalize the subwoofer in my home theater that I drive with the EP2500 in bridge mode. I have read all I can, the user manual and a few other white papers, watched a few videos on YouTube although the one I was intersted in was in a language I could not understand, Polish I think. For the life of me, I can't get any frequencies to stick. Here is what I have tried so far: Factory reset- Filter Mode=PA Filter select= I have tried #4 & #5. Filter select 1, choose a frequency Ex: 25Hz Bandwidt and gain and then hit store once. The display flashes for the chosen filter select (4 or 5). When it stops, I go to filter 2, and repeat the same operation for the 6 filter bands I need. But when I shut off and turn on again, it shows the chosen channel in the display (4 or 5) but all the red leds are flashing like no filters have been applied. Then it seems to be counting and some of the leds turn solid red all the way to the last filter. This takes around 30 minutes to complete I am using REW software to figure out the filters I need. What am I doing wrong?

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  • LilianaRoberson
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    I have two behringer nx 6000 they went into protection mode I hit the reset button but its still in protection what do I need to do.


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    • LilianaRoberson
      KyleJohnson Hi Liliana, Kyle here with Music Tribe. Unfortunately it sounds like the amplifiers will need to be repaired. Please contact us by clicking on the Support button at the top of the page. After clicking support, scroll down and select the Service option to submit a ticket.
      • October 22, 2020
  • Sarindeep
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    hi I just need my amp serviced I've really enjoyed the product and wanna fix it.

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  • clive1101
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    Hi, i have a tannoy definition subwoofer on its third amplifier board and can't get another, any ideas for a replacement amp and do the speakers work in phase ie both move out at the same time or push pull ie one one inwards and one out on the same note

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    • clive1101
      john0121 Hi Clive, sorry to hear the problem with your definition. Can you please reach out direct to our service team via the Support button. They will be able to discuss options with you if you can provide details of the 3 previous repairs.
      • October 4, 2020
      • definition subwoofer faulty
        clive1101 Thank you, first two repairs boards were supplied via post under warranty and last repair involved sending the boards, both amp and power, to music tribe whereupon i was told there were no further replacements available, i am now thinking of fitting a third party amplifier but need to know how the speakers are wired, ie both push at the same time or push pull
        • October 5, 2020
      • definition subwoofer faulty
        clive1101 thanks
        • October 5, 2020
      • definition subwoofer faulty
        anderstollefsen can you please contact me regarding the same issue with mine subwoofer ?
        • Jun 17
  • annareccia
    Community Manager
    Hi all, it’s Anna here, Customer Branding Lifestyle Specialist here at MusicTribe. I’m looking forward to collaborating with you, girls and guys! If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Ciao!
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    • annareccia
      Dukester I've had nothing but trouble trying to put in a care ticket, first one says the issue was resolved but no one ever contacted me, and the second ticket isn't showing yet. Can I speak to someone to get a ticket to send the unit to Las Vegas for repair?
      • June 15, 2020
      • Welcome to MusicTribe Community!
        AlexLane Hi Cecil, could you send me details of the first ticket, case number ideally? I will forward this to the dev team also to look into. Thanks!
        • June 16, 2020
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