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  • itexpertak
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    • itexpertak

      Hi AJ ( @itexpertak ), 


      Welcome to the community.  That is kind of a loaded question since many audiophile's don't believe in EQ at all. They "fix" the room instead.  That being said, I personally use a Behringer Ultracurve Pro DEQ2496 that was set based on measurements from Room EQ Wizard (REW).  I can't say I'm an audiophile, far from it, but my system sounds good to me. 


      Hope this helps,


      • January 17, 2020
  • agaurav009
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    I have made a basic setup using tv audio-aux out for music-source and microphones for vocals. I found music was noisy. So, I did lot of debug and the summary is as below:

    I started using only 1 channel out of 5-10, say M, keeping all other chanels mute i.e. all channels from 1-12 are mute except M. Even then I get quite noisy output on my soundbar. Source of music is youtube karaoke track from TV audio aux-output (of course TV audio is muted). Only weak point in connection I can't debug is the 3.5mm-male to 6mm-male cable or 3.5mm-female to 6mm-male converter. I have checked tv audio out using RCA cables to my soundbar and the music is perfectly alright. So, source is perfectly fine. Assuming the cables are alright (as chances of cable and adapter both being bad are low), its the mixer XR12. I think its my settings (.scn) as microphones sound alright but when music is entered through same mic-channel, noise is there. Any suggestion?

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    • agaurav009


      Hello Anand, welcome to the community.


      What type of connector is the TV output? If it is a stereo 3.5mm socket, you would need to use a cable like this to separate the two channels and connect the 6.35mm mono plugs to two adjacent channels - e.g. 5 & 6.


      If the TV output is RCA sockets, use a cable like this and also connect to two mixer channels.


      In both cases you should stereo-link the two channels in your XR12 setup using XAir-Edit.

      • December 5, 2019
  • Hubert
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    My compression driver tweeter on my right Westminster just stopped working out of the blue, just like that, at normal listening level. The Benchmark AHB2 was driving them. I am in panic and extremely anxious!! Please help

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  • jasbirnandra
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    I am interested to buy speakers from tannoy as there are no dealers here want to contact them and do not have any contact details can someone share the same, please.




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  • IsaacFanz
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    Has anyone cascading fbq 100

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  • bakinj
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    Can someone, maybe Behringer, post clear, step by step instructions on how to run two bridged channels, as oppossed to 4 non bridged, on the NU4-6000?  Detailed, straight forward instructions that explain EVERYTHING that needs to be done to bridge A+C and B+D channels?

    Thank you

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  • Thomasb12321
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    I am very novice with audio but usually once I can play with things I'm very good at learning. I inherited a DEQ2496 and some other components. But there is no way for me to tell in what order I should hook them up in. For example, the amplifier, receiver, etc. If you could send me what order to hook things up, I'd very much appreciate it. Thanks. 


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  • DaleM
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    Just purchased  a Behringer EP2000.  I would like to power two(2) 10" subwoofer externally from the sub pre out: what needed between the home reciever and the EP2000 to match the impedence?

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  • PookalPookum
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    I have a Crown Amp XLS 1002 that are connected to Polk RTI6 passive speakers. I want to also connect my Sub to the amp. I have a Powered sub. I also have a SMSL SU-8 Dac that is connected via the balanced outputs.

    I done some reading but still dont understand it quite yet. From what I understand and correct me if am wrong.

    From the DAC i need to use a Y XLR cable and connect it to channel 1 input. whatsapp web

    Then I connect the sub channel 2 output via either speakon or binding postsrouterlogin

    Then I connect the passive speakers to channel 2 output(But I would need to bi -wire the speakers in parallel or something like that?)

    Then the Crossover in the AMP directs all the traffic with the pass filters?


    If all is correct. How does it determine left and right for imaging? Or do I lose that when I connect it this way?

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  • avfern
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    I wish to develop a home cinema in space of 20 x 30 sq. ft. room size. Apart from professional display, It should have excellent sound system with Dolby effects. Kindly suggest be best configuration of speakers, amplifiers, controls, etc. and their positioning.

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    • avfern

      HI Gopel ( @avfern ), 


      Welcome to the community.  The first thing you need to tell us is what your approximate budget is?  Also it would help to tell us what part of the world you are in as not all products are offered in all countries. Since you are posting here I'll asuume you'd like to focus on Music Tribe products but that's not really their forte.  I believe most of their products are multi-zone type audio distribution products. 


      Hope this helps, 


      • July 25, 2019
    • avfern
      zeno86 So you could get UST with an ALR screen and it would look wonderful, but it wouldn't be as good as an oled. However, in my mind, sheer size is more important than perfect blacks for movies in terms of creating a cinematic experience.
      • Mar 30
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